Pre-Op Therapy

Pre-Op Therapy

Pre-Op Therapy

Surgery is scheduled, Now what?

Is there something more you can do to improve your chances of a good recovery?

How about physical therapy?

The studies of the effectiveness of physical therapy before surgery give mixed reviews. Most of the studies suggest there is no difference in recovery of those who do pre-op physical therapy vs those who don't. However, all of these studies are looking at long term results typically 18 to 24 months. We know that at that stage most people are equal in their recovery.

However, if you are looking to recover faster in the first 2-6 weeks, physical therapy prior to surgery can help. One or two visits to learn simple exercises to do up to the day of surgery can lead to:

  • Less postoperative rehabilitation services needed (1)
  • shorter time in hospital than the control group (1)
  • Decreased health services utilization (1)
  • Earlier mobility and transfer ability (2)
  • Less pain overall
  • Less out of pocket cost of recovery

At Rock Run Physical Therapy our therapists are trained and ready to help you learn what to do prior to surgery to maximize your recovery potential. We can usually accomplish pre op physical therapy in 1-2 visits.

Feel free to call or stop by to discuss with one of our therapists or specific needs OR call to schedule a visit.

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