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My visits were so good and it helped! My shoulder was so stiff when I started, and I couldn’t move it. Now I can move it all around and it doesn’t hurt anymore. The ladies are so good and nice here. I will come back if I need to.
Robin S.
Frankly, I was somewhat skeptical of starting into a PT regimen — as I entertained doubts if such would in fact yield tangible, favorable results. Well—that premise was in time set aside as I have experienced a meaningful change in my pain level and renewed strength following back surgery. Rock Run Physical Therapy has my highest marks respecting competent, professional care. I look forward each day to my next appointment as I enjoy the friendly atmosphere and warming welcome by all. In short—they are GREAT! Highly recommend them for your consideration.

Larry N.
I've been to Rock Run Physical Therapy- Roy several times through the years for several different things. Shoulders, knees and balance issues. They are very professional, kind and very helpful in getting me back to using my limb that needed the help. I've worked with several different of the Therapists there and they are all great to work with. Thank you!
Barbara G.
I had herniated my disc twice and was feeling hopeless because I am very active and could not walk without pain. From the first visits, I saw improvements. I am now able to walk and ride my bike with no pain. I am excited to start lifting again, as well as do triathlons. Thank you for everything!

James C.
I can’t thank my therapists enough. They made my knee joint replacement therapy awesome! I enjoyed coming her even though there’s pain, but in return, there’s gain. The staff is awesome, very friendly, fun, and personable. I would highly recommend them for any post-surgery physical therapy. I will miss coming here and the laughs. Thanks again! From buttercup!
David M.
Before physical therapy I would have to use my cane to lift my right foot and leg into my tuck. Now I can lift my foot and leg to get into my truck without my cane. I couldn’t even lift my leg and foot up onto a wedge in bed, now I have no trouble doing it. I’m more stable on my feet when I walk now than I was before. The physical therapists were excellent working with me and made it not easy but doable to do the exercises and helped greatly with the back pain.
Val S.
I can’t say enough about the excellent care I reveived here. Everyone is so kind and helpful. My right leg and hip were very weak when I started. Tyson was great at giving me exercises to strengthen them. I had a difficult time going up and down stairs before and now I can do that. I asked him questions and he had answers for me. I’m very grateful for the care I got and wouldn’t hesitate to come back again if I had to but hope we won’t.
Linda D.
I would highly recommend Rock Run. They’ve helped me get back to being able to perform my everyday activities. I work as a cna/Medtech and also work for home health and hospice. I have farm animals and little kids to care for at home, so when I hurt my back it was hard to get through the day. Therapy has helped me get back to where I can enjoy what I do every day now. I’m eternally grateful for the help they’ve given me.
I had the best experience here. The ladies here are wonderful to work with and explain things really well. I love that they check up on you the first day and when you come back each time they make sure you’re getting better. After coming I am able to run around the backyard with my kids and sleep on my stomach again. Thank you so much for all the help!
Jessica D.
I can’t compliment Rock Run enough. Everyone has been amazing and very knowledgeable. Having spent 3 months here to rehab my knee and shoulder after surgery, I feel so much stronger and more confident in my abilities to do everyday activities. Tyson and staff, you rock!
Rebecca S.

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