What Our Customers Say

Dorothy N.
I have been coming to Rock Run for six years now but last year I had reverse shoulder replacement in February and a knee replacement in July. I have been coming to therapy since March of this year. Josh has been my main therapist but all of them have worked with me. I’m very pleased with their treatments and helping me. I not only feel they are the best but have become very good friends with them all. They are kind, considerate and professional. Actually, I will miss them. 5 Stars Dorothy N. 2020
— Dorothy N., January 6, 2021
Mary S.
Thank you so much! It was so painful to do most any movement especially after surgery. Now I’m walking, bending over and on my way to doing most whatever I want. I’m looking forward to many fun pain free activities. You’re all awesome, friendly and kind. I’ve really enjoyed my visits here. Thanks for a Covid FREE environment!! 5 Stars Mary S. 2020
— Mary S., January 6, 2021
Donna B.
I was so worried about physical therapy after my shoulder surgery. I had heard stories and thought I would be in constant pain. I’m so glad I was wrong! Brenda and Bailee were amazing and I was never uncomfortable or in pain. Not to mention they are awesome ladies. Everyone at Rock Run took great care of me. I am so glad I came here! 5 Stars Donna B. 2020
— Donna B., December 30, 2020
Kathy T.
Rock Run is a great place to get PT. the people are very friendly. They get you to your goals by using the best exercises for you. It’s fun coming to PT! They treat you like family and tell you great stories. Highly recommended! 5 Stars Kathy T. 2020
— Kathy T., December 20, 2020
Terrance W.
My experience at Rock Run has been amazing. I couldn’t have expected anything more out of physical therapy. Jerrin and Brittnee helped me gain my confidence back, and have helped me back to a level of activity I had been missing for over a year. Some days seemed like torture, which I’m sure they enjoyed, but it was absolutely worth it in the end. 5 Stars -Terrance W.
— Terrance W., December 11, 2020
Monica B.
I can’t stress enough how great everyone at Rock Run Physical Therapy has been. When I came to see them this time around, I was in so much pain, every step was excruciating and I couldn’t stand for more than 15 minutes at a time, and I was icing my foot for hours a day. Now I can stand and walk around for hours at a time with virtually no pain. I am able to play with my granddaughter and chase her around the house. I love Rock Run Physical Therapy this is the only place I will come to for physical therapy. 5 Stars Monica B. 2020
— Monica B., December 10, 2020
Alma H.
I really enjoyed therapy. I was excited to come. They were good to work with me and around my schedule when I had to reschedule. They were patient and encouraging and knew my limitations. 5 Stars Alma H. 2020
— Alma H., December 7, 2020
Karena S.
How can I express my satisfaction, 10/10, 5 stars. By far the best physical therapy clinic ever! The staff is friendly and professional and always helpful. I will always come back if needed, loyal client for life. 5 Stars -Karena S.
— Karena S., December 7, 2020
Darrel T.
One day I awoke in the morning and found I could not walk upright, but pain in the lower back and joints felt debilitating. All day I worked to loosen up and straighten up but could not. So, I called Rock Run PT where I have found help for injuries and recovering from past surgery on my rotator cuff, and knee. Once again, the people at Rock Run were very kind and professional in assessing my needs and beginning a PT program that has reversed my bent over body to being fully functional again. Thankful for Josh, Don, Amanda, Brandon, the receptionists – all wonderful people who make Rock Run a positive experience for those who need it! 5 Stars Darrel T. 2020
— Darrel T., November 30, 2020
Mary M.
I had a lot of back pain when I first came in. I feel so much better now. I can climb stairs without pain and walk a good distance. That was my goal - to become a walker again! Thank you all so much. 5 Stars Mary M. 2020
— Mary M., November 25, 2020
Nicole C.
First off, you guys are awesome! I hurt my knee August 13th, not sure what I did. I rested it for about 5 days, it was so swollen and painful. It did ease a little over time. I saw your ad on Facebook and decided I’d had enough pain. I really didn’t think it would feel this good again. I teach dance and tumbling, up and down a lot. It was hard not to be able to do my regular routine, it hurt to walk, to bend my knee, to go up and down stairs. It was hard to sleep. But now, amazing! Thank you so much for finding what worked. Ive always been grateful our bodies can heal if given a chance. I would recommend and encourage everyone I know to come here. Thank you Brenda, Bailee and JT. 5 Stars Nicole C. 2020
— Nicole C., November 23, 2020
Cliff C.
A+ experience! Excellent communication, transparent plans for improvement and a great environment! I’ve gained more mobility, lessened pain, and am excited to keep my progress!   5 Stars -Cliff C.  
— Cliff C., November 23, 2020
Lara B.
When I first came to Rock Run Physical Therapy, I was in a lot of pain with my shoulder. I would avoid using it as much as possible. Now, at the end of my sessions, I am experiencing very little pain. Everyone at Rock Run has been very friendly and professional. They listen to my issues with my shoulder and try different techniques and methods to alleviate the pain. I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to live a pain-free life! -Lara B. 5 Stars
— Lara B., November 19, 2020
Stella S.
I have enjoyed my stay here. I wish all my friends could have this experience. I feel sooo much better because of my time here!! Everyone is so thoughtful and caring! I will miss all of you!! 5 Stars Stella S. 2020
— Stella S., November 17, 2020
Tofili E.
“Well first and foremost, I want to thank Brenda and Bailee, and the whole staff at Rock Run Syracuse, for the hospitality and their service they’ve provided. It’s truly a pleasure to meet people like that. Before I got to rock Run, I wasn’t prepared for it, but during and after the time there I felt good.” 5 Stars                                   Tofili E. 2020
— Tofili E., November 16, 2020
Barbara L.
I came to Rock Run after having shoulder replacement surgery. The staff immediately made me feel comfortable and confident I would have a well-functioning shoulder joint. Just a few months later and I do. Loved the warm, friendly and professional staff. Jerrin, Brittnee and Sara are all the best! Their knowledge and techniques are right on the mark and definitely just what I needed. Thanks to all at Rock Run. -Barbara L. 5 Stars
— Barbara L., November 7, 2020
Jill R.
From my first phone call to setting up and scheduling appointments, for the prehab work, to the actual physical therapy experience, Rock Run is an exemplary team of great professionals. Josh and staff, you’re the BEST and I really appreciate all of the help you gave me on my pre and post knee replacement journey. I am feeling stronger every day! Thank you all so much!!! 5 Stars Jill R. 2020
— Jill R., November 6, 2020
Lynette G.
Rock Run, and specifically Jerrin and Brittnee saved me. Before therapy I was limping and in pain! I worked with Rock Run for pre-op therapy to prepare for a total knee replacement, and then after the surgery for recovery. I believe the physical therapy I received through Rock Run accelerated my recovery and after 6 weeks post-op, my surgeon said I had met the 3-month goals! Thanks Rock Run, Jerrin, Brittnee and all! -Lynette G. 5 Stars
— Lynette G., November 6, 2020
Amanda H.
Had a lot of tension in neck. Had hard time moving it from side to side. Started therapy with bands, heat, and stretches. After 2 weeks twice a week I could feel a difference. Less neck pain and able to move neck a lot better. Also started the dry needling and I loved that so after 6 weeks twice a week I have very little to no neck pain or headaches (didn’t mention that above – neck pain caused headaches). I would recommend Rock Run to anyone who needs therapy. The whole staff is so nice and always so friendly. Thanks Rock Run for all your help. Now I can do my exercises at home to keep up my health (no more neck or headache pain). 5 Stars Amanda H. 2020
— Amanda H., November 2, 2020
Ruth C.
I was having pain and tingling/numbness in my left arm. I had a lot of discomfort, which intensified with my sleep. After working with Josh for about six weeks, the pain is gone, tingling is minimal, my neck is more flexible, and I’m feeling great! My sleep is undisturbed. Thanks Rock Run for making this a safe place where I can come to get the help I needed. And Josh – you’re the best! 5 Stars Ruth C. 2020
— Ruth C., November 1, 2020
This is the only place I will go, each time I have been has been very positive.
— Nancy Lovett
Posted 30/09/2019
I have received the"Best" available physical therapy from Rock Run for my two knee replacements, a shoulder surgery and just recently some neck pain with light laser therapy. Thank you all at Rock Run, especially Jerrin. You all made me feel normal again after many years of knee pain. I recommend Brandon and his staff
— Elizabeth Gelinas
Posted 28/06/2019
I have received the"Best" available physical therapy from Rock Run for my two knee replacements, a shoulder surgery and just recently some neck pain with light laser therapy. Thank you all at Rock Run, especially Jerrin. You all made me feel normal again after many years of knee pain. I recommend Brandon and his staff
— Elizabeth Gelinas
Posted 28/06/2019
My family & I have been going to Rock Run Physical Therapy since it opened up. The staff is Amazing, they listen to your concerns, encourage you & help you push through the hardest part of therapy, they are your biggest cheerleaders. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I won't go to any other physical therapy place. Thank you Rock Run for taking such great care of me and my family ??
— Becky Stitt
Posted 28/05/2019
In Feb 02, 2019 I ruptured my ACL and tore my meniscus in my right knee skiing. Surgery was scheduled for the end of the month. While I was waiting surgery I interviewed a few different Physical Therapists in order to find the right one to help get me back to skiing. After speaking with Josh Brown he told me what type of therapy he would do and the course of action he would take in order to help achieve my goals.I am now 2 months post op. and I can't believe how far I have come in this therapy. Josh Brown is AMAZING and extremely knowledgable. Josh and the entire staff have got me feeling great. Rock Run Physical Therapy and Josh Brown are by far the best that there is. I had a prior injury which happened to be the exact same but to the left knee 2 years ago. The physical therapy I recieved prior was so sub par incomparrison. Josh and the Rock Run staff (Don & Amanda) have me feeling great and without pain.I feel so great that I ask them every time I have scheduled therapy, how about a return to go skiing. The front desk at Rock Run greet each person by their 1st name and are so welcoming and accomodating, they are easy to work with.A BIG THANK YOU to Josh, Don, Amanda and the rest of Rock Run Physical Therapy. You guys are the BEST.Dave Farr
— David Farr
Posted 28/04/2019
Very personable, kind and knowledgeable!Thank you!
— SassyLou Smith
Posted 28/04/2019
— Darren Fett
Posted 28/03/2019
Great place! I love it. Been coming here for years. Josh is an excellent therapist to work with!! Brandon and his staff are excellent they take very good care of you.
— Denise Call
Posted 28/02/2019
Everyone at Rock Run Physical Therapy is kind, compassionate, and very, VERY competent. Even though physical therapy, by its very nature, can be very painful, going to Rock Run was a true pleasure. I enjoyed my visits there and I really enjoy the results of their services. They strengthen my feeble knees and put me back on my feet again.
— Teresa Hislop
Posted 28/01/2019
I had such a great experience at Rock Run Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. I got to go at my own pace and my recovery went as well as I could have expected. 5 Stars they are great.
— Sally Willard
Posted 28/01/2019
— Toni Lee Garner
Posted 28/12/2018
PAIN FREE!!! Thanks to Astym therapy and laser treatment for planters fasciitis, at Rock Run PT. It took several treatments but Brandon was knowledgeable, understanding and professional. Nice friendly atmosphere with undivided attention. I LOVE TO MOVE PAIN FREE, Thanks Rock Run!
— Debbie
Posted 28/11/2018
Went to Rock Run for my physical therapy after total knee replacement. My recovery was right on track because of their help. Very knowledgeable and kind staff. Thank you Rock Run!!
— Lola Jean Lamb
Posted 28/11/2018
They were very professional in determining my problem and setting a course of action. All of the therapists were very personable and were attentive to my needs. Would highly recommend them to anyone requiring physical therapy.
— Susan Deas
Posted 28/11/2018
Rock Run therapy is full of caring concerned workers. From the front desk to the therapists they are professional and help with your problems, I have been there for two different things, my knee was giving me problems and then I had a fall prevention help I felt both of these were very worthwhile and addressed my problems. It was indeed 5 stars
— GM Peterson
Posted 28/11/2018
I had a hip replacement. After therapy I could do every thing I did before my surgery. My balance is good and when I walk, I can walk 2 miles and feel really good.
— Phyllis Rogerson
Posted 28/11/2018
This place is awesome it is very family oriented
— Cathy Christiansen
Posted 28/11/2018
— Louise Pratt
Posted 28/10/2018
— Jerry Hart
Posted 28/10/2018
I had a great experience with physical therapy. Their staff is friendly and easy to work with.
— Nichol Lloyd
Posted 28/08/2018