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Susan A.
Before coming to Physical Therapy for my neck I had problems doing things on the computer and even playing with grandkids. Driving was hard since I couldn’t look over my shoulder – to look in the back seat was impossible. Now, I am having no problem looking to the right or left! My headaches that I was having daily are very infrequent now – I don’t remember when I had a bad one. Each time I came Jerrin would work on it to help me move my neck more and more. Thanks so much! 5 Stars Susan A.
— Susan A., April 6, 2021
Janelle B.
Amazing experience at Rock Run PT. Before Physical Therapy, I had such limited range of motion due to lower back pain. I struggled to stand for more than 2-3 minutes and could not even put on my shoes. The pain impacted my day to day activities and quality of life. After PT, I have regained my range of motion and eliminated the pain to allow me to get back to full activity! I am highly impressed with the level of professionalism and care I received at Rock Run PT. 5 Stars Janelle B. 2021
— Janelle B., March 31, 2021
Nanette N.
Initially I was very hesitant to come and receive Physical Therapy. I did not have an injury or surgery. I came here in effort to avoid surgery. My knee was in rough shape. I avoided my morning walks, standing and going down stairs. Today, I am ready to tackle these activities again! The staff is wonderful! Everyone is always concerned about my comfort and well-being. They have provided all the tools I need to move forward and continue progressing. Jerrin thank you!! 5 Stars -Nanette N.
— Nanette N., March 30, 2021
Val K.
Everyone was excellent, kind and courteous. They helped me to extend my range of motion before and after surgery. I would recommend Rock Run Physical Therapy to anyone who has need for such help. 5 Stars Val K. 2021
— Val K., March 23, 2021
Susan D.
Had pain in my back and leg. I had been to Rock Run before with a similar problem ad they were wonderful to work with, so I wanted to come back. They are all very caring and professional. They prepared a treatment plan and gave me exercises to do at home. I appreciate the great service and will recommend to others. 5 Stars Susan D. 2021
— Susan D., March 16, 2021
Rita P.
I came I with a left ankle problem and still swollen. I was very leery to even move it but staff was very supportive and educational. The exercises started off very basic and worked up always keeping at a level I could manage. The medical staff always knew just what I needed. Any way I am leaving with a stable ankle and confidence to function and I appreciate the staff who made that possible. I hope not to get injured again but should I this will be the place I come back to. 5 Stars Rita P.  2021
— Rita P., March 3, 2021
Rebecca S.
I was diagnosed with a very painful foot condition called metatarsalgia. I was desperate for some kind of pain relief and decided to try Physical Therapy for it. 12 visits later with doing laser therapy and exercises my foot feels so much better. I’m able to walk with very little discomfort. Jerrin was amazing and he just pulled out his knowledge on how to treat my foot. I will definitely come back and recommend Rock Run to everyone I know. 5 Stars Rebecca S.
— Rebecca S., March 2, 2021
Phillip S.
Rock Run in Syracuse was instrumental in my recovery after my shoulder surgery. The staff was awesome in what I needed, or was curious to try. Before surgery I had almost no strength or motion, and now it is about 90% better. After my surgery I couldn’t move my shoulder, and now I can go back to coaching my sons hockey team. 5 Stars Phillip S. 2021
— Phillip S., February 25, 2021
Melody O.
When I first started Physical Therapy, I had doubts that it would help with the pain that I had but I was surprised. There have been so many pain free days. I’m almost sad to stop. I would recommend this place to anyone. I appreciate the friendly atmosphere and especially the things Jerrin taught me – and his patience. This place ROCKS. 5 Stars Melody O.
— Melody O., February 22, 2021
Bradley W.
When I came in my back was so bad, I was unable to do most anything. Josh and his team have worked with me to help me literally get back on my feet. Their expertise in exercises and stretches helped immensely! The pool was remarkable! The team is outstanding! 5 Stars Bradley W. 2021
— Bradley W., February 12, 2021
Sun Cha T.
I think you guys have a perfect team. Excellent job by everyone being on time, clean, and very nice. I am happy with my results here! 5 Stars Sun Cha T. 2021
— Sun Cha T., February 10, 2021
Shawn C
I broke my elbow, but when it healed, I couldn’t extend my arm straight. After seven visits of PT, it is almost as straight as my other arm and much stronger. I can do the activities I used to with only minimal limitation or pain. It feels so much better! Thank you Brenda, Bailee and PT team. 5 Stars Shawn C. 2020
— Shawn C, February 6, 2021
Susan B
I came to Rock Run Physical Therapy in 2016 for therapy on my right knee replacement and was very please with the care I received, so when it came time to have my left knee done – I came back. I have received the same quality of care as before and each person I have worked with has been professional, friendly, and caring. I recommend Rock Run highly! 5 Stars Susan B. 2020
— Susan B, February 5, 2021
Juan B
When I first came in my shoulder had a very small amount of range of motion. Most movement with the shoulder created some severe pain. Since doing this therapy, increased my range of motion and just have minor pain with just a few exercises. Definitely happy with my experience. 5 Stars Juan B. 2020
— Juan B, February 4, 2021
Donette S.
I sustained a shoulder bursa tear and could not perform common movements to get dressed, or do simple household chores without pain. My range of motion improved significantly. The staff are so kind and therapists are fun and competent. Thank you all for improving my quality of life! Donette S. 2021 5 Stars
— Donette S., January 25, 2021
Jay N.
My experience at Rock Run was excellent. Everyone has a great attitude. Things were explained to me as to what we were working on and how it helped me. I felt very good about my workouts. I would definitely return for other rehab issues in the future. 5 Stars Jay N. 2020
— Jay N., January 18, 2021
Kim M.
I am so thrilled with my experience at Rock Run. After my injury I struggled to get the right care, and I’m so glad that I found you. Brenda, Bailey and JT have been AMAZING to work with. I know that without therapy I would still be struggling with pain, and I’m not sure if I would ever have been able to be doing as well as I am now. Thank You! 5 Stars Kim M. 2020
— Kim M., January 18, 2021
Dorothy N.
I have been coming to Rock Run for six years now but last year I had reverse shoulder replacement in February and a knee replacement in July. I have been coming to therapy since March of this year. Josh has been my main therapist but all of them have worked with me. I’m very pleased with their treatments and helping me. I not only feel they are the best but have become very good friends with them all. They are kind, considerate and professional. Actually, I will miss them. 5 Stars Dorothy N. 2020
— Dorothy N., January 6, 2021
Mary S.
Thank you so much! It was so painful to do most any movement especially after surgery. Now I’m walking, bending over and on my way to doing most whatever I want. I’m looking forward to many fun pain free activities. You’re all awesome, friendly and kind. I’ve really enjoyed my visits here. Thanks for a Covid FREE environment!! 5 Stars Mary S. 2020
— Mary S., January 6, 2021
Donna B.
I was so worried about physical therapy after my shoulder surgery. I had heard stories and thought I would be in constant pain. I’m so glad I was wrong! Brenda and Bailee were amazing and I was never uncomfortable or in pain. Not to mention they are awesome ladies. Everyone at Rock Run took great care of me. I am so glad I came here! 5 Stars Donna B. 2020
— Donna B., December 30, 2020
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Explores Christen Academy
Explores Christen Academy
17:56 23 Mar 21
Not only were the staff incredibly knowledgeable they were also incredibly friendly and caring. Rock Run offers... several additional therapies including dry needling. I decided to try dry needling and it reduced my acute frozen shoulder pain significantly allowing me a much more affective physical therapy. I would recommend it to anyone it really helped me reduce pain. Thank you Josh, Amanda, Brittnee and Don for taking such good care of me.Ann Simpsonread more
17:55 23 Mar 21
I would highly recommend Rock Run. They’ve helped me get back to being able to perform my everyday activities. I work... as a cna/Medtech and also work for home health and hospice. I have farm animals and little kids to care for at home, so when I hurt my back it was hard to get through the day. Therapy has helped me get back to where I can enjoy what I do every day now. I’m eternally grateful for the help they’ve given me.read more
Randy Harris
Randy Harris
03:47 19 Mar 21
Just as before with my neck, Josh and the rest of the crew have been getting my shoulder back in shape and I'm very... grateful. Rock is still the best around as far as I'm concerned.read more
Kara Hix
Kara Hix
16:56 19 Jan 21
Getting physical therapy at rock run has been a wonderful experience. My pain has been reduced significantly! Every... employee at rock run has been incredibly kind and insightful when it comes to patient care. I would highly recommend rock run pt to anyone who could benefit from physical therapy.read more
Brad Wergin
Brad Wergin
20:43 23 Dec 20
Rock Run has helped with first my shoulder surgery recovery. And now with some back issues! The staff is very... professional, the facility is great! And the pool therapy is the best! Josh, Don, Amanda and Jake are the best! Thanks to Brandon for having a top notch staff and facility !read more
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