Top Physical Therapy and Rehab Specialists in Roy, Syracuse, & Layton, Utah

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a physical medicine and rehabilitation profession that deals with health’s material and mental aspects. Physical therapists use biological agents such as heat, cold, water, sound waves, and exercise to relieve pain; minimize or modify disuse atrophy; restore function; improve circulation; reduce spasm; lessen or prevent scarring and adhesions; teach patients how to care for themselves and monitor their progress. Learn information about Layton, UT.

What physical therapy treats:

Physical therapists treat a wide range of physical and mental conditions caused by injury, disease, or congenital disabilities. Some physical therapist treatments include biological agents such as heat, cold, and water sound waves, physical exercise, ergonomics gait training, postural control, breathing retraining. Discover facts about The Benefits of Physical Therapy.

How physical therapy works:

Physical therapists work with patients to determine what treatment is most effective for them. The physical therapist will evaluate a patient's physical needs to develop the best possible plan of action. This could include alternative exercises or equipment. Physical Therapy can even be used without surgery when other methods have failed or are inappropriate for a particular individual’s situation. In addition to working with individuals, physical therapists also work closely with families and caregivers to ensure that all aspects of an individual's condition are being cared for appropriately at home. This type of approach helps people quickly return to their functional activities.

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