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Many people are unaware of ASTYM therapy. This form of treatment was developed by Dr Patrick David Bradford while he was doing postdoctoral research at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine 2000. In this blog post, we will explore ASTYM Therapy and look at some pros and cons associated with it.

What is ASTYM Therapy?

ASTYM Therapy stands for Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization. This is a form of treatment that involves manual manipulation to help with soft tissue dysfunctions, and it was developed by an osteopath in the 1930s. ASTYM therapy is often used as part of rehabilitative efforts because it can be beneficial when dealing with inflammation or pain due to muscle strain or injury sustained from overuse.

ASTYM Therapy has been shown to provide temporary relief through:

  • reducing swelling
  • relieving pressure on joints
  • increasing range of motion (ROM)
  • promoting healing responses at the cellular level
  • decreased pain

One study found that ASTYM therapy may reduce acute and chronic neck pain more quickly than other treatments such as stretching exercises without hands-on contact during rehabilitation, which can result in a quicker return to normal activities.

ASTYM therapy can be helpful during recovery from soft tissue injuries, soft tissue dysfunctions, and post-surgical rehabilitation, but it is not as effective for more serious muscle damage or neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease due to the fact that ASTYM Therapy doesn’t directly affect affected tissues in those cases.

What is ASTYM therapy used for in Layton, Roy and Syracuse?

ASTYM therapy is a hands-on treatment that stimulates the central nervous system to help decrease pain. ASTYM Therapy may reduce acute and chronic neck pain more quickly than other treatments such as stretching exercises without hands-on contact during rehabilitation, which can result in a quicker return to normal activities. The therapist uses applied pressure or strokes along the spine and limbs while simultaneously applying traction force over joints, using their thumbs on soft tissue areas like muscles, ligaments, and tendons that are strained by injury or disease processes.

Is ASTYM treatment painful?

ASTYM treatment is not painful, but it may feel strange or uncomfortable at first.

ASTYM therapy will provide a sense of relief after treatment and you should be able to resume your normal activities after just one visit with the therapist. ~~~

An ASTYM Therapy session is typically 30-60 minutes long depending on the diagnosis and severity of pain being treated. There are many benefits from this specific therapy including decreased muscle tension; increased range of motion in joints; decreased inflammation; decrease symptoms associated with postural imbalance like headaches, migraines, chronic neck pain, shoulder/back/neck stiffness, and more!

ASTYM Therapy is performed with the patient lying on a table. The therapist will use a system of straps and pulleys to stretch your muscles gently but firmly, which creates stimuli that can help decrease pain in the area being treated.

What is ASTYM used for in physical therapy?

Physical therapists utilize ASTYM Therapy to relieve pain and increase mobility in the patient. ASTYM is a therapy that uses gentle stretch with soft tissue manipulation, which may decrease muscle tension, inflammation, and other symptoms of postural imbalance like headaches, migraines, chronic neck or shoulder pain.

ASTYM can be performed on a table where there are straps used for stretching muscles gently but firmly from various angles depending on the diagnosis. This technique stimulates sensory receptors that help alleviate discomfort due to prolonged periods without movement or sitting at an awkward angle as well as relieve stiffness caused by overuse of certain joints.

Physical therapists will perform ASTYM Therapy during treatment sessions lasting 30-60 minutes long depending on the severity of discomforts being treated; it’s

ASTYM treatment precautions

Some of the precautions associated with ASTYM therapy are :

– Avoiding ASTYM therapy if you have a history of seizures.

– Only using ASTYM therapy with the supervision of a physical therapist or medical professional in order to avoid serious complications related to muscle tearing and injury.

If these precautions are ignored, they can result in:

– Serious orthopedic injury requiring surgery.

– Damage to organs caused by lack of blood flow due to improper use of ASTYM technique during astym treatment sessions.

ASTYM treatment for problematic scar tissue injuries

ASTYM treatment is a manual therapy technique that breaks down scar tissue and loosens the muscles or tendons around affected areas.

It’s done by applying pressure to tight, stiff joints in specific patterns over time while also stretching. This may include cross-fiber friction and other techniques like massage which break down muscle adhesions and decrease local inflammation.

The therapist will use their fingers, thumbs, palms of hands, or elbows on their skin for this type of treatment. They can do it with their hand through clothing if needed since you don’t directly touch each other during this treatment process.

Is Astym treatment covered by insurance?

ASTYM treatment is covered by most insurance carriers. The out-of-pocket cost is typical $35-$45 per session depending on the type of insurance plan you have.

What ASTYM Tools Look Like in Layton, Roy and Syracuse

An Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization Tool is a device that can be used to provide active release by stretching, compressing, and shearing tissues to get them in the proper position for healing.

ASTYM tools are made of durable metal or plastic with inserts designed specifically for your unique pain pattern. These specialized instruments gently stretch and compress muscles and connective tissue fibers giving relief from chronic muscle soreness, stiffness, adhesions (scarring), inflammation, reduced mobility caused by injury or surgery as well as other biomechanical disorders. The ASTYM tool consists of an “active” handle end connected to a long shaft which has various attachments at one end through which it passes on its way up the shaft:

– A knobbed insert with a rounded tip

– A D handle for compressing the tissue

– An L shaped insert for applying a shear force to a muscle

The ASTYM Therapy Pro Kit includes six active tools and four passive tools. It is designed specifically for an individual who has chronic pain or limited mobility from injury or surgery but can also be used on healthy individuals to improve performance and decrease the risk of injuries.

In Conclusion

ASTYM treatment is an affordable, alternative treatment for soft tissue pain relief and recovery. To get started with ASTYM Therapy, call now to schedule your initial evaluation. If you are interested in learning more about how the science of ASTYM treatment can help heal neck or back pain without surgery, contact us today! We’re here anytime to answer any questions you may have before making a decision on whether this therapy will work for you. ASTYM Therapy is offered at each of Rock Run Therapy’s Three Locations – Layton Physical Therapy, Syracuse Physical Therapy, and Roy Physical Therapy.

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Rock Run Physical Therapy is a physical therapy practice that specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation and sports medicine. The company has three locations in Layton, Roy, and Syracuse where they provide quality care to patients with neurological disorders, spinal cord injuries, chronic pain syndromes such as arthritis or herniated discs, post-surgical recovery, weight loss surgery (gastric bypass), pregnancy-related problems and more. Rock Run Physical Therapy is one of the most trusted providers by readers of the Daily Herald for its services.

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Brandon Hepner is a licensed physical therapist and the owner and operator of Rock Run Physical Therapy. He has been working in the field for over ten years, providing various treatments to patients with pain or injuries. Brandon specializes in manual therapy techniques to help restore function and alleviate symptoms.

In his free time, he likes to work on side projects related to physical therapy like articles and blog posts about recovery strategies that can be used at home after an injury or surgery.

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