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Aquatic Therapy in Utah

What is Aquatic Therapy?

Aquatic therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy in Utah.For years, therapists have realized positive results when applying this water modality to a variety of patient populations. Water has been, and still remains, the best environment to achieve full function regardless of the injury. Water improves motion and flexibility. The warmth of the water (92*F) and its massaging effects allow muscles to relax while helping to reduce pain. The natural buoyancy reduces gravitational pull and lessens compressive forces, hence making exercises much easier to perform than on land. Best of all, aquatic therapy can be used even if a patient does not know how to swim.

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy:
  • Warm water facilitates muscle relaxation and increases peripheral circulation.
  • Viscosity of water provides resistance for strength training.
  • Warm water stimulates body awareness, balance, and trunk stability.
  • The reduction of gravitational forces in the pool allows the patient to stand and begin gait training and strengthening exercises without causing further damage to healing structures.
  • Warm water and buoyancy results in decreased pain sensitivity.
  • Improvement of patient morale and confidence can be established by providing a positive medium in which to function.

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Our Aquatic Rehabilitation Program

Our Utah aquatic rehabilitation program consists of supervised exercises performed in the water. Swimming is not a prerequisite skill. Patients can perform each exercise while standing in the water, holding onto the side of the pool or using a flotation device. The water provides a safe and effective method for healing injuries, restoring patient confidence and increasing mobility with each completed exercise.

Aquatic Rehabilitation may be prescribed specifically for:
  • Low back pain
  • Joint paint from sports or daily repetitive activities
  • Neurological and orthopedic injuries
  • Post-surgical debilitation
  • Muscle weakness secondary to chronic or acute injury or illness

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Patient Testimonials

We are committed to providing the best physical therapy experience with the highest quality of care for optimal results. See what real patients have to say about us!

Rock Run physical therapy and rehab specialists is the heckin’ best. I loved my experience here and I was treated with kindness on every visit, not to mention the medical assistance I received with was superb. If I ever had any problems in the future I would not hesitate in returning to Rock Run.

5 Stars

Quinn T. 2020

— Quinn T, Posted September 13, 2020

I contribute all of my personal progress to the amazing staff at Rock Run. The first time I walked into the office my shoulder and arm felt completely worthless to me. I had no idea I would leave 4 months later with the functionality I now have. The staff have been so amazing and encouraging, I can’t thank you enough for helping me through this unexpected time in my life! You are all the best!! I may have to come visit to help with my withdrawal symptoms. 😉

5 Stars

Trish W. 2020

— Trish W., Posted September 10, 2020

Josh, Jake, Amanda and all the therapists staff treated me with the utmost respect and care. Each is a true professional in his/her field. I highly recommend Rock Run to anyone needing physical therapy. Thank you all!

5 Stars

Lillian N. 2020

— Lillian N., Posted September 4, 2020

After Knee Surgery I struggled to even walk. My ability to walk is greatly improved and I am slowly being able to climb stairs again. I feel like my legs are definitely stronger and I have been given the tools to continue to get stronger with home exercises.

-Amanda G.

5 Stars

— Amanda G, Posted September 3, 2020

I had a great experience with Rock Run. I was worried I would need shoulder surgery but Jerrin was able to diagnose it as frozen shoulder and with the help of him and Brittnee I have much less pain and much better range of motion. Everyone here is great-would highly recommend!

5 Stars

-Michael B. 2020


— Michael B., Posted August 21, 2020

When I first came to Rock Run, I was in extreme pain. Now I am pain free, and it was a terrific experience. The staff are wonderful and cheer you on.

5 Stars

Valrie D. 2020

— Valrie D., Posted August 20, 2020

I hurt my back so badly at the gym I could barely walk; within a week of starting physical therapy at Rock Run I was able to go back to work. After 6 weeks I’m back in the gym!

5 Stars

Anja H. 2020

— Anja H., Posted August 20, 2020

My back pain was unbearable before I came into Rock Run PT. I had trouble just sitting up in bed in the morning. I would hold my breath and clench my core just to fight through the pain of walking from one room to another. My physical therapy has been super helpful, especially dry needling. I’m back to doing almost all of my daily activities, without fear of pain. Thanks Rock Run!

5 Stars

Benjamin E. 2020

— Benjamin E., Posted August 12, 2020

When I first came I had a hard time walking, sitting, and sleeping. I was in pain all the time. I learned to strengthen my core and back. I am now almost 100%. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend my friends and family to come here!

5 Stars

Stephanie M. 2020

— Stephanie M., Posted August 10, 2020

Prior to coming to Rock Run I had horrible experiences with physical therapy. Coming here they have made my entire experience fun, they give great quality care and are very friendly. They actually care about how you feel and you are not just a number.

5 Stars

Rachelle D. 2020

— Rachelle D., Posted August 7, 2020

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