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Physical Therapy for Sprained Ankle at Rock Run Physical Therapy

A sprained ankle is one of the most common injuries that can occur from both sports and everyday activities. While almost 50% of athletic injuries are the result of a sprained ankle, it’s easy to sprain your ankle while running, walking, or simply taking an improper step down a flight of stairs. An ankle sprain is caused by an overstretching of the ligaments surrounding your ankle. Ankle sprains can range in severity, from a mild overstretch of the ligament to a severe sprain where the entire ligament is torn. It is common for sprains to reoccur later in life once you have experienced an initial sprain. That is why it is important to receive ankle physical therapy in Utah to avoid future injury.

If you have sprained your ankle, it is important to start physical therapy and weight-bearing activities within 72 hours of your injury to shorten your recovery time. If you are looking for physical therapy in Utah for your sprained ankle, Rock Run is here to help. Our physical therapists are experienced in treating ankle sprains and can have you back to your normal range of activity in no time. Our therapists will conduct a thorough physical assessment of your injury to determine the severity and to see if any other bones or ligaments have been affected. If possible, we will have you begin walking on your ankle right away. Crutches may be necessary for more severe sprains. A combination of weight-bearing, stretching, and balancing exercises will be utilized in your rehabilitation program.

Sprained Ankle Recovery in Layton, Roy and Syracuse

For most patients, the outlook for a sprained ankle injury is positive. While sprained ligaments are usually prone to future injury, you can continue strengthening exercises for up to 6 months or a year after your ankle heals. This will increase your muscle endurance and prevent future injury. Sometimes, ankle sprains can occur as a result of poor walking or running form. The physical therapists of Rock Run can help you improve your form to prevent any future injuries. When it comes to physical therapy in Utah, you can count on the professionals of Rock Run. An ankle sprain may seem like a big injury as they are often very painful. But with the proper care, you’ll be back to your old self in no time! Contact Rock Run to learn more about our ankle physical therapy in Utah today.

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