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Fit Factor

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Fit Factor

The research and development for The Fit-Factor Project began in 2013 by a group of physical therapists in Rhode Island representing the American Physical Therapy Associations, Private Practice Section. The goal was to develop an on-line resource people could trust to assess and learn about their physical health.

The project developed into an on-line survey people could do in their own home, assessing all aspects of physical health. Questions ranging from a person's exercise habits and their ability to participate in everyday activities and leisure activities, to interactive self-screening tests on balance, strength and flexibility result in a Fit Factor score categorizing people into 6 levels of physical health. Educational videos provide a vast amount of information and tips including injury prevention, exercise, posture, development of strength, flexibility and balance.

The Fit-Factor is designed to be repeated over time, so people can continue to self-assess and take ownership of their physical health.

At Rock Run Physical Therapy Clinic Roy /Syracuse We pride ourselves on providing our community with the highest quality of physical therapy and rehab care. Your Rock Run physical therapist wants to educate and empower you to take control of your health.

Take the Fit Factor Survey and see how your fitness rates!

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