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Farmington, UT: Home to the Best Ski Resorts

Some of America's best ski resorts are located in the Farmington, Utah region. In 1977, the Farmington Ski Touring Foundation was founded with the aim of conserving and improving Farmington's natural resources. They use sustainable trail construction methods that maximize rider safety and enjoyment while minimizing environmental impact. These are just some of the reasons Farmington should be your next adventure destination. Learn information about Layton, UT.

This is just one piece of the puzzle for Farmington Utah's ski resorts. It will leave you wondering why you even considered traveling anywhere else. There are many other activities that can be done in Farmington's winter wonderland, which is what makes it even better than skiing. Don't let this stop you from trying a few runs in this wonderful part of the country. It's possible to have a love affair between your legs and the fresh powder-covered mountainsides. Let's look at some places where being outside can be just as relaxing as it can be. Discover facts about Kaysville, Utah: Discover the Scenic Beauty of Kaysville.

Farmington View Golf Course is the best-kept secret in Farmington. Although this course is not known for being the most difficult in Utah, it's still a great place to play. Mill Hollow Country Club is just 20 minutes away from Farmington. If nine holes are not enough to satisfy your craving for breathtaking scenery and adrenaline-pumping shots, you can head up the canyon.

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