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When I came here I had a broken ankle and could not walk without the boot. Therapists started me on exercises that strengthened my ankle as well as my leg some of the exercises were difficult, such as balancing on one foot. In all after working with the therapists. I can now have full function of my right ankle and have no pain, which is wonderful!
— Anna , 2017
This is my second time here, pre and post-surgery. The staff is great. Everyone is super friendly and very knowledgeable. Before and after surgery I struggle with the stairs and knee pain. After surgery I my ability to use stairs now as improved. My range of motion has improved and overall pain level decreased. They were also informative on exercises I can continue on my own outside of physical therapy visits. It has been a great experience and would return again if needed.
— Becky, 2017
This is my second total knee replacement based on my experience the first time. I certainly wanted to come back here again. The staff has been totally caring and concerned about my rehab. I am so pleased with my recovery. Thanks to all for your dedication and for making my visits fun and worthwhile.
— Betty, 2017
Everyone who helped me on my road to knee recovery were marvelous! An awesome staff. So glad I came here to see Brandon at Rock Run. Walking with no pain after having such a bad pain is so great! Now I know what exercises to do to keep the pain away. Recommending Rock Run PT to all my friends and relatives!
— Christine, 2017
I broke my index finger in four spots, had a plate put in to hold it together after surgery I had zero movement in my finger. I came to Kim and after a little bit he had my finger moving like I never broke it. I'm now able to work and enjoy my passion of detailing cars again. Thanks to Kim!!
— David, 2017
I had fallen and my left shoulder was very painful. It went on and on. My doctor said I needed physical therapy. My balance was really bad and i was always falling and getting hurt. Since coming to Rock Run my shoulder is so much better. My balance is very good and I haven't fallen for a few months. as for my sciatic it has been so much better. My bursitis is still a little painful All in all, my experience was very favorable. Rock Run and their staff eased my pain and balance. They are awesome. Everyone here was professional and concerned about me.
— DeEtt, 2017
I am so thankful that my surgeon finally recommended Rock Run PT. From the time I walked tinto the front door, Lisa was there to greet men and help me. Before I started therapy I had problems with my knees I could hardly walk. I can't say enough about Josh and Don helped me to the point that I walk with very little pain. It was a pleasure to receive my treatment from Rock Run PT.
— Gary, 2017
When I first came to Rock Run it was just after ankle surgery and six weeks non-weight bearing. I was very unsure about how strong my ankle was because of past injuries. Rock Run helped me gain confidence in my ankle having me do all types of exercises that tested my ankle and showed me it was stronger than it has ever been. I am now able to for long walks, jogs and ride my bike all of which I could not do even before my surgery. I am confident that as I continue to do exercise to strengthen my calf muscles. I will be able to run. Thank you to Brandon and staff at Rock Run you are the best!
— Hilarie, 2017
I had two shoulder surgeries and was not doing good after. After Physical Therapy it is doing great. Brandon and Amanda did an awesome job getting me back to normal. I thank them a lot. Rock Run is a very good place to do your physical therapy.
— Jeff, 2017
Josh and Kim have taught me more about my injuries and ow to improve than any doctors. I now only take on anti inflammatory on really busy days. My hop motion has increased measurably. My lower back pain is minimal after a busty day. Right rib only moves slightly with one motion I try to avoid. Overall two surgeries and the help from Josh and Kim has given me a chance to do many things. I thought i would never do again. Thank you to Rock Run!
— Jerry, 2017
The group of guys and gals were great to work with. Had a lot of pain in my left knee after surgery, They worked with me for seven weeks, my knee is feeling a lot better. Hardly no pain. Had a hard time walking and going up and down stairs and sitting sometime. That's doing a lot better now. Therapy really helps!
— Joseph, 2017
I was in a bad car accident and had a brain injury and broke my left side. I stated coming to Rock Run as soon as I could put weight on my legs. They all helped me get coordination back in my left hand and helped with my strength problems and fine motor skills. I love Rock Run!
— Kaycee, 2017
I hurt my back when I was vacuuming my living room. As I was moving my sofa back in place I lost my footing and fell on my vacuum cleaner hurting my back. I came to Rock Run for therapy. The staff is great. I didn't feel like I was coming to therapy. It was like coming to see family. Thank you Rock Run!
— Linda, 2017
Wonderful Experience!! Helped me very much. Wonderful people!!
— Maria, 2017
Brandon, Josh and Kim were all extremely professional and knowledgeable they helped me with a lot of issues. Right knee surgery, low back pain and right tennis elbow and trigger thumb. Brandon was able to help me to strengthen my muscles to the point I no longer have pain going down stairs my back went out on me and helped me to bounce back and decrease that issue than I developed tennis elbow in which I was in severe pain. Kim has extensive knowledge. I was able to decrease that pain. I was very impressed with both of their knowledge and understanding. Lisa was extremely helpful with scheduling. I am just SO pleased!
— Marlaine, 2017
Mary Jane
I have enjoyed being here. The people who work her are very nice and fun. I came in with balance and strength problems. My balance has improved as much. I have learned to put more weight on my toes and it makes a big difference. My strength has improved also. I would recommend this place to anyone that has the same problems
— Mary Jane, 2017
My journey to Rock Run began with a search for a PT facility that would be able to help with my knee replacement. Rock Run was the only group that advertised joint replacement rehab. While Josh was my primary therapist, all of the therapists assisted in bringing my knee back, Brand and his staff have united goal and that is to see their patients succeed. Thank you to Rock Run!!
— Matt, 2017
Brandon is a great physical therapist. He pushes you to excel. I'm three and a half weeks out of surgery and I am back to normal activities and no crutches or cane. I can do stairs with no problem and walk and stand for extended periods of time.
— Randy, 2017
I have really enjoyed my time here. I have greatly improved since I first game here. I thought when I first came here, I would be in a lot of pain like a lot of my friends were when they did therapy. They have been great exercise the muscles needs, without making me cry. That was really important to me. Everyone has been great, friendly, polite and professional. I look forward in coming back after my right him surgery. I know they will take care of me with great results. I can walk better, bend over and movement of my left hip is better. I can also lift me left leg.
— Suzann, 2017
I have so enjoyed my time at Rock Run Physical Therapy. I had two hip replacements. When I came here it was really hard for me to get around. They have helped me learn exercises i can do to continue to become stronger. They have been very professional, friendly, kind and knowledgeable. I don't know what I would have done without them. I would recommend them to anyone for therapy
— Suzanne, 2017
When I came to Rock Run I was unable to walk upright because my back had been injured. While working on my back issues it became apparent my shoulder was not ok. I ended up with shoulder surgery to repair damage done in my bicep & labrum. Josh & Don & the whole crew helped me to regain movement & strength. I enjoyed working with everyone to make sure I was at my best movement and strength. I feel like with their help I became a whole different person. Thank you!
— Tempes, 2017
I love these people. they treat me with respect and love. I will miss them very much and will come back to use the pool. And listen to Brandon sing. I will especially miss my therapist Josh. I came in with a walker and I am leaving walking on my own two feet. I love them all very much.
— Yvonne, 2017
Abe Kearl
I came to Rock Run because I was having occasional back issues that caused my back to lock up. Previous to starting treatment, I did not know how to loosen up my back when the tightness began. Now I know how to recognize when my back needs a workout. I have some tools and knowledge to loosen and strengthen my spine and core to support it and prevent pain from escalating. Thanks for your help.
— Abe Kearl, 2018
Amy Green
When I started Physical Therapy, I had trouble getting my baby in and out of the crib, standing a long time to cook and clean, and walking longer distances. I spent a lot of time resting my back. Now I can take care of my family and be physically active. I loved the home exercises. The staff is friendly and did a great job helping me heal. ***** 5 Stars
— Amy Green, 2018
Andrea Lamar
My experience here at Rock Run was great. Upon arrival it was very, very painful for me to go up and down stairs and to get in and out of a chair. Thanks to the staff with their knowledge and understanding of what I want to achieve, I was able to accomplish it. Here at the end of my journey I am in less pain versus when I first arrived. Thanks to the staff at Rock Run, Kudos. *****Stars
— Andrea Lamar, 2018
Annette R.
Coming to Rock Run was so wonderful! The staff truly cares for you here. I came in with terrible shoulder pain from tendinitis and was shown so many different exercises to de here or at home. By discharge, my range of motion was back to normal, my strength was way up and my pain was almost non-existent. Thank you to everyone here for all of your direction and kindness.
— Annette R., 2018
Avery M.
When I started here my knees hurt really badly. But coming here more and more, my knees started to feel way better. I used to not e able to squat, but now I can.
— Avery M., 2018
I came in with a bicep that tore loose, they do not do surgeries to reattach those anymore. The arm would scream at lifting any weights. With the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Rock Run I am now able to stretch more, lift weights, and they put me well on the way to doing more things that I enjoy. Thank you everyone at Rock Run. 5 Stars
— Brad, 2018
Brad Johnson
I was referred to have my arms and back looked at. Brenda and the team were awesome. She was very attentive and tried everything to get me back in working order. Even though there were things that aren’t figured out yet. There are areas that are feeling tons better. I really appreciated everyone and all their hard work! These ladies are amazing! ***** 5 Stars
— Brad Johnson, 2018
Brandi Meredith
I came to Rock Run PT with an injured back. The staff here promptly got me an appointment, addressed my needs, and was able to get me to a point of comfort rather rapidly. Bailee and Brenda were very kind to me each visit and helped me manage my pain. Today I am leaving with zero pain in my back, and knowledge of how to get my muscles in my back/body stronger. Thank you so much for your help! ***** 5 Stars
— Brandi Meredith, 2018
Brent H.
I took up tennis as another sport for exercise. The change caused me to over develop some leg muscles, causing problems with my knees. Brenda and the team started to get me back on track and then I had a minor tear in my calf. Who would of thought! Brenda, Brittnee, and Bailee worked with me to get me back to my normal self. I really appreciate their professionalism and knowledge of physical therapy to get me back to playing tennis and my other daily activities. 5 Stars!
— Brent H., 2018
I tore several ligaments in my shoulder and had a grade-four AC separation. I was struggling with simple motions, had surgery to repair that, and went from immobility to better than before surgery. The staff was amazing at helping me recover as fast as possible. 5 Stars
— Brian, 2018
C Kay Nielsen
I had bad headaches and my right arm was very weak. The staff was great at figuring out how to fix me, and were very helpful. I’m much better after the treatments! ***** 5 Stars
— C Kay Nielsen, 2018
Cary Williams
The Rock Run staff are all fantastic – start to finish, every session. My back issues are far less than when I started and in only six weeks. I feel like I can get back to my favorite activities again. Thanks to the entire staff! *****Stars
— Cary Williams, 2018
Cathlene Ellsworth
I suffered a knee injury while organizing my closet-specifically organizing my shoes. I had sharp knee pain while walking and I couldn’t successfully bend my knee more than a few degrees without excruciating pain. Brenda and the Rock Run staff worked with me and tailored my treatment plan to my knee. After a few weeks I was making significant progress. Today, six weeks later, I have a completely rehabilitated knee. There is nothing I can’t do. And I have zero pain. By the way, I threw out half of my shoes-future problem solved! ***** 5 Stars
— Cathlene Ellsworth, 2018
Cherrill Martin
I was very happy with my therapy. I have been here before and I requested to come back because of the good care I received. The exercises were well explained and effective. I appreciated the concern and undivided attention. ***** 5 Stars
— Cherrill Martin , 2018
Christi N.
Josh and the team at Rock Run have taught me great tips and exercises to strengthen my core and relieve my low back pain. With their caring and dedicated efforts, I can enjoy longer walks and get more done around the house.
— Christi N., 2018
Concepcion R.
When I first came here I had problems with my shoulder, especially my right shoulder. Brenda did an excellent job every time I've come here for treatment. Everyone is very professional, friendly, and kind. I wont hesitate to come back here if I ever need another physical therapy treatment or to recommend them to anyone. thank you Brenda and thank you Rock Run Physical Therapy
— Concepcion R., 2018
I was late starting PT after rotator cuff surgery, I was still wearing a sling and could not lift or lay on my arm. Josh, Amanda, and Tyler helped me so much! I’ve enjoyed coming here, it’s been fun getting to know everyone and build the strength back in my arm. I can now do just about everything I did before. The therapists know what they are doing, listen to you, and always push you to do more; but not too much. I love you guys! Thanks for getting me well again! 5 Stars.
— Connie, 2018
Connie Bohn
I had shoulder surgery with bicep tendon tear in November of 2017. I had been to Rock Run before for therapy and knew that this was the therapy team I would choose again. Started therapy at the end of December and although therapy went well the pain in my shoulder did not go away. In April 2018 I had a second surgery and the doctor found another tear. After eight months of not using my arm, my muscles were very weak. We started therapy again June 2018 and I have been able to regain the use and strength of my arm thanks to the therapy. Brenda is the best and I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you for helping me return to normal activity! Rock Run is the best!
— Connie Bohn, 2018
Darrell Johnson
I had just started therapy with Rock Run and felt like it was going really good. Then I fell and split open my incision and had to go back into the operating room. They sewed me back up and put staples to hold it. I was really surprised that I was able to come back to therapy and pick up where I left off. Everyone at Rock Run has been excellent and professional. Compared to other therapy I have had in the past, Rock Run has been so much better. There is NO comparison. I'm going to have my other knee replaced and I'm coming back to Rock Run for my therapy. 5 Stars
— Darrell Johnson, 2018
Dean Byington
I had lower back pain and my sciatic nerve pain. I feel like it has helped me a lot. The therapists at and aides here were really helpful. If you have a pain, they know how to work it out. ***** 5 Stars
— Dean Byington, 2018
Because of the rotator cuff surgery, it felt as though my right arm was bent at the elbow and glued to my side. But I was soon able to move my arm. Thank you for all you did for me. I have my arm back! 5 Stars.
— Diane, 2018
Donna M.
I had to tap walls constantly and car hoods in parking lots to help keep balance - now I can walk confidently from place to place. Yahoo. No wall/car surfing. The whole experience was a physical challenge but the staff made it enjoyable! It was awesome and such a relief to be back "on balance".
— Donna M., 2018
Douglas P.
When I began therapy, I was skeptical but as we got into it I quite enjoyed it. The staff was professional and knew well what I needed. My strength has improved significantly. I have learned a lot about gaining strength and will continue to do what the staff here have taught me. Thanks a bunch.
— Douglas P., 2018
Dr. Clive C. Ingram
I love coming to Rock Run far more than any of the other physical therapy clinics. All of the staff members are sensational and very professional. ***** 5 Stars
— Dr. Clive C. Ingram, 2018
This staff was amazing! They made a tough situation much better! I recommend them all the time, thanks everyone! 5 stars
— Elizabeth, 2018
Emily Sims
I came in with problems with my SI joint and back pain. Before I came in I had problems walking half of a mile, now I am walking about 2 miles every day and feel much better. They also gave me exercises to do if I start to have problems again. The staff is very personable and great to work with.
— Emily Sims, 2018
Eugene Hopkins
AC reconstruction on my left shoulder. I had my first visit here. I walked through the door basically not being able to move my arm and in constant pain. After 6 short weeks, I am pain free with nearly 100% range of motion. Strength is back to the point I can resume my normal exercise program. Best of all, I am able to sleep through the night. The entire staff is TOP NOTCH!!! I will consider everyone here my friend. I feel that coming here was every bit as important as having my shoulder fixed in the first place. THANK YOU!!! YOU GUYS SAVED ME!!! ***** 5 Stars
— Eugene Hopkins, 2018
Great experience. The staff was very helpful in helping me work through my recovery. I feel confident in my shoulder performing how it needs to. 5 Stars
— Jake, 2018
My therapy was a great place to work. All employees were very helpful and pleasant to work with. Josh was very supportive and knew how far to push you each day. I would highly recommend Rock Run to anyone who needed therapy. Thank you for your patience and willingness to help me with my recovery. 5 Stars.
— James, 2018
My back went out and my right leg had no strength at all. They worked on my back then really worked on my leg. It has been a very good experience working with all of the therapists that are in the office and I am feeling ready to stop PT and see how it goes. Always treated like I am the only person they are treating and they are friendly and professional at all times. Thank you. *****Stars
— Jean, 2018
Jean E.
It was great here; Clean and efficient facility, staff was wonderful, kind and courteous. Always concerned on how I was feeling and did not rush me to finish. Especially when it was more difficult. Feeling great! Thanks everyone. *****Stars
— Jean E., 2018
Jeannette Young
When I first came to Rock Run I couldn’t move my arm without a lot of pain. But as I gradually progressed with exercise, icing and heating, and the tens unit. I have very little pain and can pretty much move my arm fully. Thank you most excellent women at Rock Run Physical Therapy!!! ***** 5 Stars
— Jeannette Young, 2018
Coming here again, after surgery #13 on this foot. I wasn’t exactly sure what the outcome would be, but I did know how well I would be cared for. I was confident the outcome would be great! I hobbled in not able to walk much, but now I feel I am able to start doing more. I look forward to taking long walks with family and enjoying nature. I know I’ll be pushing myself harder and harder. My pain is substantially less and I was able to stop pain medications much faster! I appreciate the help and encouragement the Joshs have given me! You’re the best! 5 stars.
— Jeneene, 2018
Jocelyn Babiarz
Before I came to Rock Run PT, I had limited movement because of a back injury. My injury was assessed and I was given specific exercises to do to improve movement as well as help to prevent the injury from happening again. Within a couple of weeks I was completely pain free and I know what to continue to do to keep the injury from happening again. Everyone at Rock Run PT is very professional, easy to work with, and extremely helpful. I would recommend Rock Run to anyone who needs physical therapy, and I would not hesitate to return if I needed help again. ***** 5 Stars
— Jocelyn Babiarz, 2018
Joseph K.
Brenda and the rest of the staff at Rock Run are awesome. They helped me recover from my shoulder injuries quickly. Everyone was always nice, courteous, and friendly. Rock Run made my whole physical therapy experience amazing!
— Joseph K., 2018
Judy Johnson
I feel so fortunate to have come to Rock Run PT for my treatment of my back. Before I started, I could hardly be on my feet for long before my lower back was feeling great pressure on it, and I’d have to sit down. Now I can get more done before I feel like I need to sit down. I’m so grateful for all they’ve done for me. I just need to continue the exercise they have taught me. Everyone has been wonderful. You are all stars! ***** 5 Stars
— Judy Johnson, 2018
Julie L.
This is my second time at Rock Run, first time was for my knee and was so happy with the therapy I received that when I needed to come in for my back I knew I would get help for my lower back pain. I'm feeling better and if I ever need PT again I will be happy to come back to Rock Run.
— Julie L., 2018
Kelli Hipwell
I hurt my lower back and was unable to do normal everyday tasks without major pain. I tried physical therapy at the recommendation of my doctor. To be honest, without the staff here at Rock Run, I wouldn't have been consistent in doing the physical therapy exercises. I no longer have any back pain and have returned to doing normal activities. I am so grateful for the staff here at Rock Run! 5 stars
— Kelli Hipwell, 2018
Kent Sommerville
Brenda and her staff did a wonderful job in helping me with my rehab following shoulder surgery. I have my range of motion back. The doctor said that my range of motion after 3 months is where he normally sees his patients after 6 months. I credit this to the care I received from the staff at Rock Run. 5 Stars
— Kent Sommerville, 2018
I was in a very bad car wreck and I broke my right wrist. Kim helped me strengthen and get my flex back. I enjoyed all the help, Kim is awesome. Leaving here Kim has made sure I know what to do to get even stronger. 5 stars.
— Keri, 2018
I really liked coming to therapy. My knee feels much better, its like I have a new knee!
— Kip, 2018
Everyone at Rock Run was amazing! I came in with a hurt shoulder and couldn’t tumble without pain. With help from these amazing people I’m not in pain anymore! By the way, Brenda is my favorite! ***** 5 Stars
— Kynlie, 2018
Larry S.
I had problems with balance and movement from polio and a T-bone car wreck. Rock Run and Brenda have helped me to overcome these problems. I am able to independently live in an assisted living facility. I am grateful for the dedicated professionals here at Rock Run. I am able to walk and function independently now.
— Larry S., 2018
Lee Fielding
When I started at Rock Run it was very painful on my right knee. The staff was really helpful in putting together a workout plan to address the problem. From the next appointment on to the last I could feel that we were making progress. We added one or two as needed and the feeling of security in standing, walking, and going up stairs was noticeable. I really appreciated the dedication and expert help I experienced. Today I feel ready to face life again, thank you! *****5 Stars
— Lee Fielding, 2018
Lisa Woods
Before my knee replacement I was in a lot of pain because I was bone on bone. Josh and Amanda started me on exercises. They explained that this was to build up muscle so that my recovery after knee replacement surgery would be smoother. Josh answered a lot of my questions about what the doctor did during my surgery. Knowing the exercises that I had been doing before made it easier for me to move after surgery. Everybody here has good spirits and engagement. They seemed to know how to push without pushing. I can now walk without the pain I was in and its so nice. I have been talking with my friends and telling them if they ever need physical therapy for any reason that this is the place to come! 20 STARS!
— Lisa Woods, 2018
This was a great experience, I always enjoyed coming here and I always left with a smile! These guys are great – friendly and nice. 5 stars.
— Marcia, 2018
I have been coming here for six months following total knee replacements in March and June of 2018. My physical therapy has been very helpful in my recovery and use of my knees. I am able to use the exercises they taught me to help regain normal function. I am now able to go do activities with my granddaughters and family. Rock Run has helped immensely with self confidence that I can do this! Thank you.
— Marilyn, 2018
Mary Lamar
The day I came into Rock Run, I was in so much pain that I couldn’t walk. Now I can walk, run and play with my grandkids. Great job to all the staff at Rock Run. God bless, and thank you. ***** 5 Stars
— Mary Lamar, 2018
Love you guys! 5 Stars
— Matilda, 2018
Matthew W.
My back was giving me a great deal of pain. The team at Rock Run did wonders for me! I’m not in as much pain as I was in! I feel great! These guys and gals are wonderful. They have treated my back and my knee, wouldn’t think of going anywhere else! *****Stars
— Matthew W., 2018
Maud W.
After having 2 horrible experiences with physical therapy, I really didn't expect much from physical therapy this time. These guys were amazing!!! There was pain with the recovery, but not torture. They know how to push you to want to get better and make it doable. They all were very fun to work with. Thanks so much!!! I would highly recommend them to anybody. I have totally changed my mind about physical therapy!
— Maud W., 2018
Michelle M.
My time at physical therapy has ben very good. Before I could hardly walk without pain and limping, now I can walk for hours and not limp. I am looking forward to hiking this summer. Brenda was very beneficial to my recovery and the staff was great. I am so glad I got my knee replaced and that I chose Rock Run for my rehab. Thanks!
— Michelle M., 2018
Miranda S.
My experience at RRPT was surprisingly pleasant. From the start I felt welcome, and I was given good information about what the problem with my back was and understanding of how we were going to correct it. The results were better than expected; with little to no pain and I can get back to lifting and yoga and other important aspects of my life. I could not be happier with Brenda and her entire team here.
— Miranda S., 2018
Before I started physical therapy at Rock Run I could not move my leg or put on my shoes. Thanks to the Rock Run staff who were very nice and friendly, I can now walk a mile and a half again. 5 stars.
— Nenita, 2018
Nicole George
I enjoyed my experience with rock run for my first knee replacement so much that I came back for my second. The entire staff is great! My knee is feeling strong and I can now go up and down the stairs without having to take them one at a time. It has been years since I could do that. Thank you, rock run! ***** 5 Stars
— Nicole George, 2018
Patrick Snodgrass
My knee hurt all the time. Walking for a long distance hurt and recover time was very slow until I wanted to walk or hike again. I could not jog at all. I had to stop doing all of my hunting (for rocks), standing in a boat to fish was hard. Took all the fun out of it. After the knee was replaced and I started coming here for therapy, things got better fast. I may not have been able to walk far fast, but I could walk and hike with no pain. The work I have done here has helped me feel better about myself (my wife like me a little too). Thanks for the help. You all are great at what you do and great to be around. I hope to never need therapy again, but if I do it will be here! Thanks for all you have done for me. 5 Stars
— Patrick Snodgrass, 2018
Paul Sudweeks
Before I came in for therapy, I could hardly move my left shoulder and neck. With the personalized service I received here, I am back to full range of motion and the pain level has drastically improved. I have greatly enjoyed the personal service I have received here. I will definitely recommend anyone to come here for treatment. 5 Stars
— Paul Sudweeks, 2018
I came here because of an injury to my hand from a car accident. I was having a hard time doing even basic tasks. Kim was great to explain what was happening with my hand and helped me get me back to doing what I need to do. 5 stars.
— Paulette, 2018
My experience has been great! Each time I’ve been here has always been friendly and enjoyable, which always helps time go by fast. I was surprised with my lack of balance from the weakness in my ankle. In my short number of visits, you’ve helped me to regain a lot of it back, I’ll continue to work on it too. Thanks.
— Ralph, 2018
Raquel Marispini
First of all I must say the staff is very professional and friendly. Before, if I walked even an 8th of a mile my groin on the right side would hurt. Now, after 9 sessions and the exercise plan I do at home, I can now go for walks longer than 2 miles with confidence and NO longer feel discomfort midway and finish my walks. 5 Stars
— Raquel Marispini, 2018
Before I came to Rock Run I was having trouble picking stuff up with my right hand. It was almost useless. I started to get treatment of ASTYM. That helped me a lot, I am able to use my thumb again. I've learned to stretch my had and wrist for better results and will continue to use it forever. I enjoyed my time at Rock Run talking about music and sports while being treated.
— Richard, 2018
Richard Pritchett
This is about the third or fourth time coming to Rock Run for therapy, each time for different reasons. Each time the therapists were nice and friendly. Helping me with broken legs, reconstructed left shoulder and right shoulder repair. Each time the therapists helped me to get back to healthy. ***** Stars
— Richard Pritchett, 2018
Sarah Prusse
I love the staff here. When I first came in I couldn’t lift anything above my shoulder without pain. Now, it’s awesome (except that I can fold laundry again). I have a new favorite shoulder and a favorite PT. ***** 5 Stars
— Sarah Prusse , 2018
Sarah Williams
I hurt my lower back and could hardly move. Brenda was able to get me in the same day, and I noticed an immediate improvement after the first session. Brenda and Bailee are amazing. They care about you and getting you feeling better. I would recommend Rock Run PT to anyone. I feel like I’ve made some new friends here! *****5 Stars
— Sarah Williams, 2018
Sarimin Rivera-Llavona
The staff is so wonderful and professional. I've learned to take care of myself, and my knee issues. I loved the routine of exercises and techniques. Thank you so much!
— Sarimin Rivera-Llavona, 2018
Sharon S.
Brenda and her team have been great, helped me with my knee a lot. Especially enjoyed ASTYM. :)
— Sharon S., 2018
Stacey Moyle
Shoulder range of motion: I came to physical therapy at Rock Run because I was having difficulty reaching in a couple of directions and there was pain that restricted movement. After the doctor prescribed number of visits my reach has improved fully in one direction and 50% farther in the other. My questions were answered and the exercises and treatments were explained well. This was my second experience with Rock Run and it was good, just like the first.
— Stacey Moyle, 2018
Stacie Jasman
Great Staff! Very easy to be around. Would highly recommend to family and friends.
— Stacie Jasman, 2018
Suzanne Martinez
I came in with extreme pain in my upper right back and neck. Turns out it was a pinched nerve. A lot of knots in my back - with exercises and massage I am now pain free! It was a plus that they provided exercise bands and at home exercise instructions. I am EXTREMELY pleased with the people in the office area and therapist Brenda was very caring and concerned with my recovery. Great job and thanks to all! 5 Stars
— Suzanne Martinez, 2018
Tamara Polen
I was having trouble bending over and walking long distance due to arthritis in my lower back. After coming to therapy for two sessions I was able to move without any pain or difficulty. Josh helped me learn the proper way to stretch my back. Everyone at Rock Run is fabulous and very helpful. ***** Stars
— Tamara Polen, 2018
When I first got contacted by Rock Run, I couldn't believe how amazing and friendly Annie was. From that first contact to going through my treatments, I knew I was in excellent hands! Brenda is an amazing physical therapist as well as an amazing example of courage, strength and compassion. The team here is knowledgeable, helpful and show pride and love for what their mission is in life: Heal those around them! They do it every day with kindness. Thank You!
— Vikki, 2018
After shoulder surgery, I could not move my arm at all. But after coming to Rock Run and having PT, my arm know has total mobility. I have to say the therapists here know what they are doing! Very happy with the results!
— Wayne, 2018
Allen Emlet
My back pain since coming to RRPT has improved remarkably. What was a dull pain that was always there is now a thing of the past. The staff have been amazing, I feel able to do normal activities again without any worry of back pain. 5 stars
— Allen Emlet, 2019
Amy M.
I really enjoy coming to physical therapy. The personalized workouts really have helped to strengthen my hip. The staff is always welcoming and helpful! Thanks 5 Stars
— Amy M., 2019
Barbara Perry
Everyone at Rock Run Physical Therapy was professional, friendly, and willing to answer my questions. I came to improve my balance and to help with my back issues. My balance has greatly improved as well as my back. I now know what exercises to do to continue to strengthen and stretch my back safely.
— Barbara Perry, 2019
Benjiman P.
I’ve loved my experience here at Rock Run. They are knowledgeable and caring. I couldn’t walk on my foot before I started. I now can walk well and care for my children. I liked that they remembered me, my family, where I’m at with my foot last time I visited so it wasn’t an hour of silent difficult exercising. Instead it was enjoyable and I looked forward to coming to make progress. 5 Stars
— Benjiman P., 2019
Beppie P.
I started with a lot of low back pain, but now I feel good. This staff did a great job and I always come here when I get hurt because they always take good care of me. 5 Stars
— Beppie P., 2019
Bernard Nath
Very good results after 4 or 5 treatments my leg pain was so much better, I could not have went to a better physical therapist for my rehab. I am amazed at what Rock Run has done for me. Thanks guys!
— Bernard Nath, 2019
Bob J.
This has been a great mission with these ladies! I started my adventure with Rock Run Physical Therapy, and without their knowledge and therapy, I wouldn’t have been able to get back to my normal self! I couldn’t have done it, at any age, without Brenda, Bailee and Aubree’s help!
— Bob J., 2019
Bonnie H.
I have enjoyed very much my time spent at Rock Run. Rehabilitating my shoulder has been my biggest challenge. The staff here have been super nice and I am going to miss them. They have motivated me and encouraged me, but most of all, they have been patient with me. I would recommend them to anyone needing therapy! 5 Stars
— Bonnie H., 2019
Brad Wilson
Great Experience! I had just finished 5 back surgeries in a 6 month period. My left side and mostly my left leg had lost a lot of strength. I was in a lot of pain and on heavy pain meds. My back was in a lot of pain. I had been immobile for almost 1 year. Now a huge relief from pain, stiffness and weakness, I’m off the pain meds, (just when I have over exerted too much). My stiffness is almost absent and my legs and body are much stronger. I have been completely satisfied with the whole Physical Therapy at Rock Run. Brenda and everyone have been exceptional to work with. The facility is great, clean and fun. I will recommend them to anyone who needs Physical Therapy.
— Brad Wilson, 2019
Brittany E.
I came in 3 days post ACL surgery, and this group of ladies have been nothing short of amazing. They are very kind, and show a lot of compassion with your injury and your personal life. They always made me feel welcome. Thanks again! I will miss you all. 5 Stars
— Brittany E., 2019
Brook S.
I was having neck and shoulder pain. Now I am feeling much better, able to move my head, neck and shoulders without pain. 5 Stars
— Brook S., 2019
Carol C.
I had my knee done in January. I had a hard tome bending it at first and now I have almost all of the movement back. I can walk for long periods; I can walk up the stairs without any trouble. All of the staff has been really helpful and have been easy to work with. 5 Stars
— Carol C., 2019
Carson Lance
I’m a 17 year old athlete. I was in a boot after I broke my foot playing soccer, I had surgery on my foot and then I was in a boot for even longer. Coming to physical therapy here has definitely helped me get back to where I wanted to be physically. The people who worked with me were kind and honestly fun to be with. It’s a great atmosphere and the exercises they had me do often challenged me physically, but helped me to get back to sports as quickly as possible. ***** 5 Stars
— Carson Lance, 2019
Chad Homan
When I needed to come to Physical Therapy I did not hesitate to come and see Brenda and Bailee after the great job they did with my son. My shoulder is greatly improved, and with exercises I have been shown, it will continue to get stronger. Awesome Staff!!
— Chad Homan, 2019
Chad Rapier
I came in with pain in both shoulders. I was not able to do sword fighting, motorcycle riding or rock climbing as I had in the past. Rock Run was very friendly and made my recovery easy. Now the pain has gone and I can return to my fun activities!
— Chad Rapier, 2019
Charlene Edmonson
I kept falling a lot. I have slowly learned how to keep upright through the fine instruction of my therapists. They have encouraged me to use my walker and after doing so most of the time, the falls were avoided. I am able to accomplish keeping upright more regularly. Everyone that worked with me was so polite. They knew what to teach me and how to help me. They were the very best and polite always. ***** 5+ Stars
— Charlene Edmonson, 2019
When I started physical therapy I had a very hard time going up and down stairs. I can climb them now with the help of a railing, which is a huge accomplishment. Rolling to my side while in bed brought with it severe pain. I can change positions without the pain which seems a small task, but if your back does into spasms to have that go away is amazing. The staff is one of the best. They have your best health in mind. We set goals and they worked to reach them together.
— Cherie, 2019
Cherrill M.
I really enjoyed therapy, the therapists were good to work with. It really helped my body. The exercises and equipment are great. The staff are all friendly and good to work with. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. 5 Stars
— Cherrill M., 2019
Claudia D.
When I walked into Rock Run, my left leg was not cooperating-very little strength. I had fallen on my stairs and severely injured my left leg. When I started therapy I could barely move or lift my left leg. Now at the end of my therapy my left leg is strong, my right leg also became stronger. Thank you Brenda and Bailee! Your encouragement, constant push to do more, your smiles, and conversations made therapy bearable. Also, Erica’s welcoming smile was gratefully appreciated. She is always personal and helpful. Thank you everyone! 5 Stars
— Claudia D., 2019
Claudia Smith
My experience at Rock Run has been long, but successful. The staff is super friendly and fun. You can learn about how your muscles work, or what the best movie is at the theater. The time goes by fast as you listen to music (sometimes “they” sing) and discuss our week-end plans. My doctor has also been pleased with my range of motion and progress. I would (and have) referred everyone to Rock Run. It’s the Best!
— Claudia Smith, 2019
Colby Neville
Coming to Rock Run has been such a huge help to me. When I first started coming in, I had a lot of pain in my shoulder, and I struggled to do many of the workouts. After the course of 4 weeks, I can now do many of the workouts/activities that I couldn’t do before. They have a great program here. ***** 5 Stars
— Colby Neville, 2019
Connie Bott
This is the best place to come for Physical Therapy. Everyone is knowledgeable, very helpful, and nice. I had the Laser Therapy and I feel it helped me. I totally love the A-Stem!!! Brenda, Bailee, and Kristen helped me the most and are awesome peeps! I am doing so much better having come here to Rock Run. ***** 5 Stars
— Connie Bott, 2019
Cristie Cothran
I started PT because of a tightening in my shoulder blade area that was radiating through my back. This was causing pain with no activity and increased pain with activity. My therapy sessions involved stretching and strengthening of the supporting muscles and I noticed improvement within a few sessions. By the end of my treatment period I was able to function pain free and return to my regular activities. The staff here are so wonderful and I would recommend anybody in need of PT. While I hope I do not need to return, but if I ever need PT again I will choose Brenda and her staff. ***** 5 Stars
— Cristie Cothran, 2019
Dale S.
My mobility is better, I preform duties without the fear of having sharp jolting pain. My thoracic area is not as tight. I am extremely satisfied with the care, mobility, equipment, attentiveness, and results. I was extremely impressed with Brenda’s knowledge and care given. 6 Stars
— Dale S., 2019
Dale Searcy
Rock Run has been a huge part of my recovery. The staff is very supportive and friendly, my recovery has surpassed my expectations. Before my surgery and therapy, I could not do many normal tasks or other things I enjoy like archery. I am now back to where I can do those things. Rock Run has helped to give me back my life and activity. Thank you all for caring and helping me recover. 5 stars
— Dale Searcy, 2019
Dana Conley
I love Rock Run and all of the staff. They are so professional, but they can have fun too. They have helped me move my arms without pain. I can do more at home without asking for help. I would recommend Rock Run to anyone who is having a problem with pain. I have anjoyed coming here so much. I will miss seeing and talking with everyone. They definitely get five stars from me.
— Dana Conley, 2019
David F.
I thought that the physical therapy I received was very thorough. Josh and Don did a great job in helping me meet my goals in my rehabilitation. I am where I thought I would be at the end of this journey. Thanks for all your support and help. 5 Stars
— David F., 2019
David Prevedel
I would like to express my appreciation to the staff of Rock Run Physical Therapy for their help and dedication in my recovery. They have helped me regain the use of my legs and back. It takes a special type of person to work with individuals my age and condition. The comfort and compassion I received will not be forgotten. ***** 5 Stars
— David Prevedel, 2019
Debbie A.
I had trouble with my foot and heel, nothing I tried until therapy had worked. I was in pain often and would be awake at night with pain in my heel and ankle. I could not even walk the length of the mall without problems. Now, after therapy I have no pain at all and have walked 1.3 miles with no trouble! Wow, what a difference. Brandon and his team are just the best. 5 Stars
— Debbie A., 2019
Denise Weaver
I am able to stand for a longer time. It hurt a lot to stand or walk, now it doesn’t hurt like that anymore. It’s great, I would recommend Rock Run to anyone. They are great
— Denise Weaver, 2019
Dennis Dinger
First and foremost- my back IS feeling better! I feel like I have been treated great by the Rock Run staff. I have been taught exercises to do that have truly helped my back and stomach muscles get stronger and reduce the low back pain that I have been dealing with for years. My hat is off for everyone at Rock Run PT. 5 stars
— Dennis Dinger, 2019
Nobody likes to be injured! I am grateful to the crew here at Rock Run for helping to quickly get me back on track. Great instruction and follow-up. You guys always make it convenient to get in and get the treatment needed. I appreciate how you’ve helped get my confidence back on those things I can do. Thanks
— Derk, 2019
Devin P.
I have had constant pain in my shoulders for over a year. After many doctor appointments and tests, it was determined that surgery was needed, and after the surgery, a lot of PT was needed. I have my strength back, and the pain has greatly decreased. Now I get to prep myself for the next shoulder. Thank you Brenda, Bailee and everyone else that has helped me in this journey. I’ll be back!
— Devin P., 2019
Diane Grisby
I love Rock Run! The people here are amazing and so helpful. I heard all of the war stories about physical therapy from a number of people and was afraid to begin therapy. None of the stories were true here. They were very helpful and thoughtful when it came to how far to push the therapy. I left feeling very cared for and was not treated as just a patient, but a person. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I hate for my sessions to end. ***** 5 Stars
— Diane Grisby, 2019
Donna M.
I’ve enjoyed my therapy here; everyone has been so good to me and very friendly and helpful. Jerrin has been very helpful and kind to me. ***** 5 Stars
— Donna M., 2019
Doug H.
I had a total knee replacement. Following surgery, I began therapy. I had many questions about swelling, pain, and activities I could be involved with. All of the therapists answered my questions and gave me suggestions to aid in healing and alleviating my pain. I felt good about treatments and working with all. 5 Stars
— Doug H., 2019
I think the staff is great! I am doing much better than I thought I would. Thank you to all of you, keep up the good work!
— Douglas, 2019
Earl Porter
First of all, the staff was excellent, knowledgeable, friendly and extra helpful. They made the sessions enjoyable while very beneficial in a speedy recovery. When doubt set in after the first few weeks, their encouragement and professional attitude helped me to get over it and progress in the treatment. I want to thank the entire staff for the help they gave me to get back on my feet again.
— Earl Porter, 2019
Elizabeth W.
I’ve had constant headaches and neck pain for years. My shoulders were tight as a rock. Yard work and certain house work triggered pain and neck spasms. I’ve learned a set of exercises to relax some of my muscles and strengthen others. I no longer have chronic headaches and I can work in my yard or house without paying for it for days afterwards. 5 Stars
— Elizabeth W., 2019
The folks here are great. My mobility has returned. I will be able to return to lifting weights three times a week. Thank you!
— Eric, 2019
Eric Tibbetts
Having attended prehab prior to my left knee surgery, I acquired the skills and knowledge to strengthen my knee so that post-surgery recovery went smoothly. Brenda and Bailee have been incredible during my recovery giving me the confidence to push myself to success. I now have almost full range of motion to my knee and with time I am confident I will gain back all movement. Rock Run Physical Therapy Rocks!!
— Eric Tibbetts, 2019
Erick M.
By far the best experience I’ve had for physical therapy. I’ve attended military physical therapy numerous times and they are not even close to the level of care as Rock Run PT. I want to thank the Rock Run Syracuse Crew for the best care I’ve received. Thank you all. P.S. Brenda, you are the real M.V.P.!!! 5 Stars
— Erick M., 2019
Gabriela A.
My experience was great. I came in unable to walk for long periods of time, to now doing my full workout routine. The staff is very friendly and very helpful. My lower back pain is completely gone and I feel great. 5 Stars
— Gabriela A., 2019
George Scott Sperry
Before I came, I had to wear a knee brace and had problems with stairs and being on my knee. As I worked with Rock Run, I have been able to do more and more. When I have had set backs, they have worked with me to get through that wall. It is a great environment. They know your name and the things you have been doing. They truly care about the people who come here. They become your friend.
— George Scott Sperry, 2019
Geraldine C.
Bursitis in my hips was causing me a lot of discomfort and limited my walking. Josh mentioned laser treatment and after one treatment the pain was gone. We worked on flexibility and strength which improved as time went on. 5 Stars
— Geraldine C., 2019
Gilbert A.
You guys have done great. You have helped me in every way and I feel so much better than when I came in. I would recommend family and friends here anytime. Thank you for all your support and help. 5 Stars
— Gilbert A., 2019
Glen U.
I have had a great experience with all of the therapists here. They have all been fantastic. When I first came here, I had a difficult time getting in and out of my car, and putting my shoe on in the morning. Now I’m back at work and working 10-hour days and feeling great. Thanks for everything. 5 Stars
— Glen U., 2019
Glenda D.
I enjoyed my therapy very much. I’m in a lot better place now as of before I was hurting a lot. 5 Stars
— Glenda D., 2019
Gloria H.
I really love Rock Run Physical Therapy – they rock! They have helped me so many times. This time I had foot surgery, and I had a lot of pain. They worked with me and helped me so much. They are very kind and taught me how to work and stretch my muscles in my foot. I had a lot of pain at first. They worked with me and were able to get my foot to move and walk again. I’m thankful for all the time and patience with me. I would highly recommend them. They are awesome. They listen and teach us how we can help ourselves to get better. 5 Stars
— Gloria H., 2019
Gorman T.
I could not raise my right arm to shoulder height. I was in lots of pain when moving my arm up and down. Now I have full range of motion without pain, with most muscle strength returned. Everyone, especially Jerrin, gave me outstanding treatment and consideration. Thanks to Rock Run! 5 Stars
— Gorman T., 2019
Gregory A.
When I first came to Rock Run, just after having surgery with my shoulder, I could barely move my arm/shoulder. I was getting ready to go on a cruise and told Josh my goal with movement for the cruise. He worked me and worked me so that I met my personal goal. Now, three months later I have exceeded my doctor’s expectation and have full range of motion and can live a normal like. Thanks to Josh, Don, and Amanda for all the work and encouragement. I am astonished at my progress. You guys are the best! 5 Stars
— Gregory A., 2019
Gwen Johnson
I have been to Rock Run PT under the care of Brenda for 3 separate issues. Just knowing that if showing up on the scheduled appointments and doing the work, I will overcome my injuries/surgeries and regain my mobility. Best group of PT, assistants, and staff. Love the care and medical expertise and I know I’m in the best of hands with Rock Run Physical Therapy. ***** 5 Stars
— Gwen Johnson, 2019
Before I went to Rock Run I basically couldn’t do anything without back pain. I had to stop Zumba because it hurt too bad. Now I can do normal everyday things and Zumba without pain.
— Hailey, 2019
Irene Lambron
My therapy at Rock Run was great. The people I worked with were professional and also kind and caring. They kept me comfortable and encouraged with their talk and input. My knee mobility when I started was very poor and on my own I was making very little progress. They got moving and working, and my knee has made great progress. I’m very grateful for all the help I’ve received.
— Irene Lambron, 2019
Jacob P.
I dislocated my knee cap at work and wasn’t able to walk with a flat foot, run, exercise, or drive my manual car. After PT, I am now able to do all of the activities I enjoy doing. My knee is just as strong as it was before, and I don’t have any pain. The staff is great and are always willing to help you out to get better. 5 Stars
— Jacob P., 2019
Jae L.
Thank you so much for helping me with my neck and back. My neck is doing so good. It hasn’t felt this great for a long time. I liked all of the people here and Brenda did a wonderful job Dry Needling. I loved it! ***** 5 Stars
— Jae L., 2019
I came in with my knee just not working. Now I have some difficulties, but can do work activities and chores with almost no pain. I am thankful to everyone who pushed me here to get on my way to recovery.
— James, 2019
James S.
When I first came, my shoulder was very stiff and sore. Over 13 weeks, it did better every week. Today I can do almost anything I want. Before the surgery, pulling up pants, getting my wallet out, and washing hair was very difficult. Now all is well. The staff here at Rock Run are all wonderful!! I am going to miss my weekly visits. Thank you all so much!!
— James S., 2019
Jamie Schofield
I had a really bad ankle sprain from playing soccer and I could barely walk let alone run! The staff at Rock Run were AWESOME! They helped me strengthen my ankle so I could get back to running and playing soccer. I don’t know where I would be without their help and support. They are the BEST!!
— Jamie Schofield, 2019
Janice R.
They are great, I have done great with my knee. I told everyone how great you are and how well I have done. They walk me through everything and make me feel like I am a part of their little family. 5 Stars
— Janice R., 2019
Janie H.
I had a great experience at Rock Run! Everyone was super nice and helpful. I loved working with everyone! Since starting here I haven’t had any bad back pain, and now I know what to do if I ever have any in the future! Thanks! 5 Stars
— Janie H., 2019
Jason Richards
At the beginning of treatment I had the most difficult time even picking up a marble with my toes. To say the least, all function had dwindled fast in my foot. But being able to start off with a funny exercise like marbles being picked up was odd to me, but very effective for small movements I had to start doing. Other aspects of my training like strength training, was discouraging at first but it all came together and I was so stoked to do work on the shuttle. The staff has always been jovial and sweet. I’ve appreciated everyone here who helped me with my recovery and eventual ability to walk and move properly again. Thank you all for your help and encouragement to get back to my regular living.
— Jason Richards, 2019
I came to Rock Run because I had issues with strength and balance. The therapist worked with me to build my strength and improve my balance. They are curteous and also push you to do better. They point out how to properly do each exercise and they make certain you are in no danger of falling or injury – I appreciate how the entire staff treated me and I would and will recommend Rock Run to anyone who asked me about this super facility.
— Jeff, 2019
Jeff Somerville
Brenda and her team were amazing. I would definitely recommend them to friends. Before, I couldn’t do anything over my head and now can work over my head with no problem. The doctors were very pleased at how much range of motion I had after 3 months from my surgery. ***** 5 Stars
— Jeff Somerville, 2019
Jeramy M.
So I’ve been here for almost two years, and will be back very soon. When I first started, I was here after having back surgery. Then I had to come here for my right knee, had to have surgery, and was back here working on that one. I’ve had to return for my left knee and now have to get surgery on the left knee as well. This place is great. The people and therapists are great and just want you to get better. I’ll be back soon lol. I recommend this place to everyone, you will not be disappointed. 5 Stars
— Jeramy M., 2019
My time her at Rock Run was exactly what was needed to get me walking properly. The exercise routine took out the stiffness that had plagued my knee for over a year. Thank you guys and girls!
— Jessee, 2019
Jill R.
From my first phone call, to setting up and scheduling appointments, to the actual physical therapy experience. Rock Run is an exemplary team of great professionals. Jerrin and staff, you are the best and I really appreciate all the help you gave me on my post knee replacement journey. Feeling stronger every day! ***** 5 Stars
— Jill R., 2019
I am doing much better. Everyone is so kind. I’ll try and work out at home, if any one asks I’ll tell them how I liked it here and how they helped me!
— Joan, 2019
Joan K.
My experience was great. The therapists were helpful in working with me to improve motion in my shoulder. They explained things well so I would know how to exercise correctly. I could not move my shoulder at all prior to therapy, now I have a better range of motion and can lift a little bit. I can now pull the refrigerator door open with left hand. It was too painful prior to therapy; I can also open the car door without pain. 5 Stars
— Joan K., 2019
Therapy helped me move freely and my knees don’t hurt as bad. Walking doesn’t hurt as badly over all either, it feels better.
— John, 2019
John Lake
I have been to Rock Run more than just this time for age related pains. Everyone here has always been great and very knowledgeable to work with. This time I came for pain in my hips and because my doctors have wanted to replace my hip joints but here Josh said that the symptoms were more tendonitis, which he should be able to help me with. When I came here my pain was intense and now I have very little if any pain that’s to Josh and the other therapists here. Their help has been GREAT. Thank you!
— John Lake, 2019
John P.
I feel that the physical therapist was very helpful to me. All the therapy pushed me which was good. I enjoyed working with the whole group. I greatly improved in balance, strength, and agility. 5 Stars
— John P., 2019
Joy S.
When I started therapy my knees were bothering me daily. I wasn’t able to do my daily exercises without experiencing some knee pain. I felt stuck and wanted to do more difficult workouts. Now that I have completed my physical therapy, I can say I have no more knee pain. I loved the therapists that worked with me. I am glad I came here for physical therapy! 5 Stars
— Joy S., 2019
Juanita S.
When I injured my knee, I wasn’t able to walk, sit, or stand without serious pain in my right knee. I was very limited in what I was able to do and spent a lot of time icing it and had to take naproxen on a regular basis. After coming to Rock Run and working with Jerrin two times a week for the past five weeks I am feeling so much better and am able to work in the yard and do other physical activities that I enjoy. It is truly wonderful to not be dragged down by that constant knee pain! Thank you, thank you! 5 Stars
— Juanita S., 2019
Julie Winder
Prior to my total knee replacement surgery, I could not walk without limping, could only do stairs using my good knee to climb. Prior to surgery I never slept well at night because my knee / leg would ache horribly. I had stopped doing many of the activities I previously enjoyed because it was too painful. Just walking even hurt. After my surgery the home health care I had selected did not come to my home until a week later. I only had three therapy sessions with them. When I started my therapy at Rock Run I was behind in my improvement and needed extra help. Therapists Josh, Amanda, and Don are absolutely awesome. They have worked one-on-one with me each visit. They provided me with exercises I could do at home. Josh answered many questions I had about my knee issues, what helped, why certain exercises are better than others, ect. I learned a ton of valuable information. Now that I'm finished with therapy I can sleep so much better at nigh, I've started enjoying my previous activities, and I can walk up and down stairs the normal way. I feel like I've got my life back! I'd recommend this facility and these therapists to anyone!
— Julie Winder, 2019
Kadden H.
Had an amazing experience here at rock run, from the great staff to the awesome equipment. Will definitely recommend to anyone in need of therapy and rehab. Front desk staff was amazing with scheduling my appointments and if I needed to change the time of day they worked with me to make sure it worked out. Jerrin is an amazing therapist, I will definitely be seeing him for future incidents. Thank you. 5 Stars
— Kadden H., 2019
From my first visit at Rock Run I was made to feel at home and at ease. Everyone is so friendly and would talk to you and tell you about their day and family… So it was more like hanging out than a doctor’s visit. I feel like I made great progress. I started here before my left knee replacement surgery, to see if my knee would feel better and then knew I wanted to do my therapy here after. I can do stairs pretty well now! Love the staff!!!!
— Karen, 2019
Karlie B.
I had an amazing time here, most people would probably dread coming to physical therapy, but I always had a good time with everyone I worked with. Before I started physical therapy, I could hardly do anything with my leg after tearing my ACL, but now I am able to balance on the one leg, jog, and I am able to move a little quicker. My leg was so much weaker at the beginning and I had trouble with lifting, and bending it at the knee, but now it doesn’t bother me to lift it or bend it. Thank you to everyone who helped be get to this point! 5 Stars
— Karlie B., 2019
Kathy Tall
I have had a great experience here at Rock Run. The physical therapists and other personnel have been helpful and compassionate. The facility is very nice, clean and well maintained. Thank you to everyone – Josh, Amanda, Brandon and the front desk staff. ***** 5 Stars
— Kathy Tall, 2019
Kelly H.
My time here has helped so much on my recovery. I no longer feel the pain in my back or in my knee or my shoulder. Prior to physical therapy, I had issues with stairs or holding my motorcycle up, and now I don’t stress about it. The help has been very supportive and kept my progress a big part of their concern. The positive attitude here is always high. I’ve enjoyed every visit and loved sharing my activities and progress. I definitely recommend Rock Run to all that seek a speedy recovery. 5 Stars
— Kelly H., 2019
Kenneth McLennan
I am very happy with the treatments I received by all of the personnel. Everyone was professional and considerate. I have and will recommend you to family and friends. ***** 5 Stars
— Kenneth McLennan, 2019
Kenneth P.
It has been great! Josh knew exactly what was wrong and relieved all the pain. Now I can get back to my normal activities. The staff is very friendly and makes you feel like a part of the family. Thank you all! I would recommend anyone who needs therapy! 5 Stars
— Kenneth P., 2019
Kevin Neville
I enjoyed my “Rock Run” PT experience from beginning to end. The Syracuse staff are amazing! Many thanks! Highly recommend this facility for your PT needs. ***** 5 Stars
— Kevin Neville, 2019
Larry S.
This is my third time to have physical therapy at Rock Run. My first time was rehab for my left hip. The second time was for my right knee replacement. The third time was for muscle cramps in my back. All of these times I was treated very well and with respect. In the past I have recommended this place for rehab, and still do to this day. This place gets results. 5 Stars
— Larry S., 2019
Liezl J.
I cannot say enough incredible things about Rock Run PT! After I injured my ankle, I could barely walk and was nervous about not being able to run comfortably again. Now, after 6 weeks of treatment, I’m back to running any my recovery has been smooth and seamless. The staff is amazing! Thank you! 5 Stars
— Liezl J., 2019
Linda Degroot
I am so blessed to have had Rock Run, Brenda, and Bailee helping me regain my mobility. They have been so helpful, encouraging, and FUN! Even though I have “graduated” I will continue to use the pool to strengthen myself more. Thank you so much!!! ***** 5 Stars
— Linda Degroot, 2019
Lisa Didier
I came to Rock Run PT with an acute injury to my ankle/arch in my left foot. Pain with walking was a daily problem. Brenda, Bailee and Brandon helped me with A-Stem, stretching, strengthening and balance exercises that have improved my function and minimized my pain. I have enjoyed my treatment and am happy with my outcome. I would use Rock Run PT again and would recommend them 100%. ***** 5 Stars
— Lisa Didier, 2019
I had a great experience at Rock Run. I wanted to get my strength and flexibility back as quickly as possible. They did it all! Very happy with the outcome. Exercises that work!
— Lyle, 2019
I am so happy I was referred to Rock Run Physical Therapy. I had had sciatica for over the last year and tried many different therapy offices with no success. I now feel so much better and feel this will be a permanent solution. I will recommend this office to all that will listen! ***** 5 Stars
— Lyndsie, 2019
Lynette G.
Rock Run Physical Therapy, specifically Jerrin and Amanda made my recovery from total knee replacement possible! There were times (many!) when I felt like I would never get there and wanted to give up. But, Jerrin’s patience and encouragement, his therapy and coaching got me and my knee to a “happy place.” Even the surgeon is happy! Thanks Rock Run! 5 Stars
— Lynette G., 2019
Marco D.
I really enjoyed my experience here. The therapy was really helping but my progress was slowed due to work. I am able to run a lot longer than I have been in a while. I am able to perform better as well. 5 Stars
— Marco D., 2019
Marie Young
After having my baby, my wrist started hurting to the point I couldn’t use my hand. Physical Therapy has helped restore my strength and cleared out the inflammation that was limiting my ability to take care of my baby.
— Marie Young, 2019
Mark D.
When I started therapy on my frozen right shoulder there was pain in all the movement. Now that I have completed the therapy treatments, pain is reduced and movement in shoulder greatly increased. With continued home exercises the prospect for recovery of strength and mobility is being achieved – thanks to Rock Run 5 Stars
— Mark D., 2019
Marlaine S.
I had multiple issues and with each area (knee, elbow, thumb, & back) your professional staff helped me rehab, and overcome major pain and to get back on my feet and bounce back to life!! Thanks, I could not do this on my own! ***** 5 Stars
— Marlaine S., 2019
Martin R.
My experience here was very good. They helped me a lot with my problem so I can move my hand perfectly. I am very grateful for the treatment. He treated me with great respect. Thank you for everything. ***** 5 Stars
— Martin R., 2019
Mary D
I have appreciated the attention and concern of all the staff at Rock Run in Syracuse. I know that I have been well taken care of after my shoulder surgery.
— Mary D, 2019
Maud Mary Wilkinson
It was great. Since this was the second time, I knew what would go on. They helped me recover a lot faster than I thought I would. They are very helpful answering any questions I had. I will miss everyone here!! ***** 5 Stars
— Maud Mary Wilkinson, 2019
Maude H.
I really didn’t know what to expect when I first came in. With each visit, I got more comfortable with the people here so I could relax more and accomplish the things that I needed to do. I really had a hard time getting my knees to bend like they should, and I feel more confident in walking. The personnel here are great and very friendly and I felt I had made some new friends. I know I will miss being here, and I hope I can do what I have been taught. This is a wonderful group. Thank you all! 5 Stars
— Maude H., 2019
Michael Braley
Great group to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable. ***** 5 Stars
— Michael Braley, 2019
Michael L.
I feel like Rock Run helped me so much. The people were awesome! I will come back for leg #2. Short and sweet ***** 5 Stars
— Michael L., 2019
Michael M.
This Place Rocks! 5 Stars
— Michael M., 2019
Mike McGee
When I started, it was a month after my surgery. It was rough. The staff was super friendly, very helpful, and knowledgeable to get me pain free!! Thanks a million! ***** 5 Stars
— Mike McGee, 2019
Nancy F.
I am so pleased with my total experience here. My knee feels almost normal. I am free form pain and able to walk more freely than I could when I started. The staff is the absolute best. Everyone I worked with were so caring and friendly. The girls at the front desk always had a friendly greeting for me. The therapists were all so knowledgeable and thorough, I enjoyed all of them. Thank you for a fun recovery. ***** 5 Stars
— Nancy F., 2019
Nansi W.
I’m sure I wouldn’t have done so well without physical therapy. It was great coming here and it made me feel positive and know I was doing okay. 5 Stars
— Nansi W., 2019
Nelda M.
I think my balance has improved and, in my neck, especially. I can move and lift my neck better. The strength in my legs and arms have improved also. My neck is the biggest change, I can keep it up more and my balance has improved. Everyone I have worked with have been excellent. Josh’s time with me has been great!! He attentive to every little thing I tell him 5 Stars
— Nelda M., 2019
Nicholas P.
Excellent experience. I had pain and difficulty doing simple neck movements and now getting back into my normal routine, thanks to the staff here at Rock Run. 5 Stars
— Nicholas P., 2019
Nicole B.
Before coming to Rock Run I couldn’t do anything without at least a little pain, as a mother with small kids, I constantly struggled with the day to day. After 13 years of complaining to my doctor, I finally got a referral here and it changed my life. I have very little pain, and most of the time I have ZERO! Very pleased with my results and Brenda. The whole team was so amazing and accommodating to my schedule. 5 Stars
— Nicole B., 2019
Wow! This has been a wonderful experience. When I first started it hurt to even put my top on. I have now been able to learn many different activities to make my shoulder feel better and not stop me from doing the things I love to do. The pulls seem to make me move easier all over. The lifts make me feel safe to take things off shelves and move things at home and in my shop. Thank you for answering all of my many questions and helping me understand what is happening. You guys are the best.
— Pamela, 2019
Wow! This has been a wonderful experience. When I first started it hurt to even put my top on. I have now been able to learn many different activities to make my shoulder feel better and not stop me from doing the things I love to do. The pulls seem to make me move easier all over. The lifts make me feel safe to take things off shelves and move things at home and in my shop. Thank you for answering all of my many questions and helping me understand what is happening. You guys are the best.
— Pamela, 2019
Penny K.
You are all so great! You make a fun experience out of something that could be not so fun. Thank you! 5 Stars
— Penny K., 2019
Priscilla W.
Over all, my therapy was very good, I feel the therapy was a challenge and at times I wasn’t sure I could do it. But with the excellent treatment from Josh, Don, and Amanda I was able to do it all. (Even if I was put in the Cowboys room lol) The whole team at Rock Run, thank you. 5 Stars
— Priscilla W., 2019
Rachel E.
I’ve only done physical therapy one other time in my life; it was such a terrible experience that I was hesitant to ever do it again. I’ve had back problems for a long time that I could’ve used physical therapy for but after I hurt my knee, I decided to give physical therapy another try. The doctor I went to told me about Rock Run Physical Therapy and I’m so glad he did! I came here not being able to even squat down because of my knee and every week it has just kept improving, now it barely bugs me. They were also able to help somewhat with my back; it has even gotten stronger! I would definitely recommend Rock Run to anyone needing physical therapy. Jerrin is awesome! I’m glad he was my physical therapist! 5 Stars
— Rachel E., 2019
Ralph W.
I fell and broke my hip. I had a lot of trouble walking. I had a great experience and am walking better than I did before. The staff was super to work with. Thank you for all the help. 5 Stars
— Ralph W., 2019
Raymond K.
I had both knees replaced, so I was really struggling with stairs and standing before surgery. I am doing stairs normally and can stand for more than 10 minutes without my knees locking up. I love to play golf and I only missed two weeks of golf during my recuperation. Physical Therapy was very helpful the first few weeks after surgery. Thanks, Rock Run.
— Raymond K., 2019
Rick Fausett
Great experience!! Started physical therapy after shoulder replacement surgery, was extremely stiff and sore. Finished with more range of motion than I had prior to surgery. Great staff, very knowledgeable, comfortable atmosphere. Hope to never return, but if I need P.T. again, I’ll be back.
— Rick Fausett, 2019
Robert B.
Thank you to everyone here. Not only can I raise my arm pain free, but I’m able to return to all of my activities and also return to my many bowling league and tournaments, where I can plan to have another all-star season. Thank you everyone. 5 Stars
— Robert B., 2019
Robert Uhl
In November 2017 I underwent surgery on my left shoulder. I attended physical therapy with another therapist for approximately 6 months but was unable to continue due to other health issues. In December 2018 I returned to my workouts in the gym but noticed inflammation and pain in my shoulder. I decided to return to therapy at Rock Run and have been very happy with results. I am now able to sleep without any pain in my shoulder, and have increased my range of motion substantially. Brenda and staff are awesome!
— Robert Uhl , 2019
Rod R.
Very happy and satisfied with my results. At one point, I thought I was going to need a cane as my pain was so significant. Happy to say that I am walking now with little or no pain, and have no need for a cane. 5 Stars
— Rod R., 2019
Sandie G.
This is my 3rd time coming to Rock Run in Roy. The facility is the absolute best! Each time here I have received personalized hep given with much care and expertise. Josh Brown was my main PT and he helped me and answered all my questions and concerns with patience and kindness. I always felt optimistic after leaving Rock Run and my therapy sessions. I also worked with Kaiden, Amanda, Don and Jerrin and they were also fantastic. I feel more confident after my therapy at Rock Run after having a total knee replacement on my left knee, and much is due to the care I received here. Two months after my surgery I have my range of motion to 130 degrees. Thanks to the PT I can walk comfortably. I need to have my right knee done, also a total knee replacement and I will be back at this facility and Josh to help me recover. I trust him and I feel very safe and cared for here. Highly Recommend! 6 Stars
— Sandie G., 2019
Sarah Bird
I’ve come to Rock Run after both of my ankle ligament reconstructions, and they are AMAZING! I came in a boot hardly able to walk, and I’m leaving able to run and get back to my life. The staff here are absolutely incredible. I never leave without a smile. I am so grateful for everyone here at Rock Run. Because of them I will be able to live my dream of becoming an Army Medic. ***** 5 Stars
— Sarah Bird, 2019
Seth Teague
Rock Run PT has been great! I came in with pain in both knees and my shoulder. Over the course of 8 weeks, I received excellent care. They listened to my concerns and tailored my care plan to my needs. Although I may have had some small ups and downs, overall I had pretty consistent improvement. Brenda, Bailee and the entire staff were all very supportive in getting me to reach my goals. I used to lack the confidence to test anything above my shoulder height or any semi-strenuous activity with my legs. Now I feel comfortable trying new activities, listening to my body and exposing myself to difficult tasks. The team was great. I appreciate all of their dedication and support. I already have, and will recommended Rock Run to anyone I talk to about their physical therapy needs. Thank you so much. ***** 5 Stars
— Seth Teague, 2019
Sharon H.
I always choose Rock Run when I have a need. The therapists are great. Jerrin took charge of my exercises for my shoulder injury and my balance. I feel so much better after working with him and doing the exercises he has show me. Thanks so much for helping me. ***** 5 Stars
— Sharon H., 2019
Shayla P.
I tore my hip from a work injury in January 2019 and was on crutches, unable to walk until the end of May when I finally had surgery. With how things were going, I was pretty sure I was going to have to deal with a torn hip for the rest of my life and be on crutches or limping forever. I finally had surgery, and Rock Run got me in as soon as I wanted, and got me back up to moving and walking quicker than anyone (even the surgeon) expected. They got me back to my life quickly! They were always able to work with my schedule and fit me in. I have been to a lot of physical therapy places, and this by far, is one of the best/most successful and more enjoyable places to come after an injury. 5 Stars
— Shayla P., 2019
Shaylee A.
I adore this place and all the people that work here! Before, I was seeing a chiropractor and wasn’t getting beneficial results. Now that I have PT I have exercises and stretches to help my back for the long run! I am so happy I came here! Not only did I get amazing results, I also felt comfortable, welcomed and always had a good laugh! Thank you guys so much! Hope I don’t see you again… “In a good way” 5 Stars
— Shaylee A., 2019
Sheri Anderson
Very happy with my results at Rock Run. Brenda has been amazing at helping me to get my shoulder back to normal. Would recommend Rock Run to anyone needing any type of Physical Therapy. ***** 5 Stars
— Sheri Anderson, 2019
Sierra S.
PT at Rock Run was a really good experience! While here, I gained strength and flexibility in my muscles, but most importantly, my balance really improved. I am a lot more stable and less likely to trip than I was before. I loved working with Brenda and Bailee! They are awesome! ***** 5 Stars
— Sierra S., 2019
Skyler C.
I had trouble with ankle pain, limited range of motion, and instability. I have improved 100% with PT and my home PT program. I would highly recommend Brandon and the staff at Rock Run PT. 5 Stars
— Skyler C., 2019
Steven W.
When I first came in I had a hard time practicing Jiu Jitsu, or even doing yard work. Everyone here was great! The treatment here was very thorough. My back feels great! I am back to all of my activities and feeling confident again. 5 Stars
— Steven W., 2019
Susan P.
The exercises at home have been very helpful and easy to keep up with. I really enjoyed the laser treatments. They help my left leg a lot and completely took the pain away. Brenda, Bailee and all the girls are great to work with and encouraging. 5 Stars
— Susan P., 2019
Tarryn Galloway
Rock Run has gone above and beyond. They have met every expectation plus some. I nearly have full range of motion in my shoulder. They have been very supportive through my struggles, and shown so much compassion. I would recommend Rock Run forever and always. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ***** 5 Stars
— Tarryn Galloway, 2019
Teresa Hislop
Before surgery and before therapy I could not squat, lunges were impossible, and my knees were very noisy. After surgery, squatting and lunging were still impossible though my knee chatter ceased. Now, post therapy, I can do squats and lunges. Josh Brown has truly strengthened my feeble knees. I appreciate Josh’s friendly support, unfailing encouragement, and professional competence. Everyone at Rock Run operates at a similar level of professionalism and compassion. Three cheers for you all!
— Teresa Hislop, 2019
Terri M.
When I first came here, I couldn’t walk without pain. Now thanks to Jerrin I am walking 30 minutes on an incline with no problem! I absolutely love the staff here! They are kind, and helpful with any questions I’ve had. Thank you so much Jerrin for everything! ***** 5 Stars
— Terri M., 2019
Timothy S.
When I came in with my back injury, I could hardly stand up and was in a lot of pain. I believe the therapy and exercises have really accelerated the healing process and now I am pain-free and able to do any activity. 5 Stars
— Timothy S., 2019
Tony North
I had trouble sleeping and getting a glass of water. The exercises and stretching improved my mobility and strength. I can now put dishes up on the top shelf. I can also handle the 40 lbs. salt bags for de-icing. Thank you for your service.
— Tony North, 2019
Wayne C
I have suffered for many years with chronic headaches and muscle pain. I have tried pretty much everything available to relieve the pain. Nothing helped until we came and worked with Brenda and Bailee, who worked the muscles in my neck and shoulders. The muscles began to loosen up and gave me some relief. We started having the Laser Therapy treatments, which have given me a lot more relief. We are grateful to have worked with Bailee, and get to know her. She is very professional, and felt that this has been a good experience.
— Wayne C, 2019
Wendy Klingenber
ASTYM really works! It helped with my plantar fasciitis, and I love the laser therapy! Now I can walk downtown Salt Lake without pain! Staff are professional and awesome to work with. Thank you for your help!
— Wendy Klingenber, 2019
Willow L.
I enjoyed coming here, the people are fun, very nice, have good attitudes, and are very helpful. They’re fun to work with. They worked with me. First, they put heat on my knee, did the bike and all different activities for my knee. But now my knee is 100% thanks to all that were here and helped. Best people I have worked with! ***** 5 Stars
— Willow L., 2019
I have received the"Best" available physical therapy from Rock Run for my two knee replacements, a shoulder surgery and just recently some neck pain with light laser therapy. Thank you all at Rock Run, especially Jerrin. You all made me feel normal again after many years of knee pain. I recommend Brandon and his staff
— Elizabeth Gelinas
Posted June 28th 2019
I have received the"Best" available physical therapy from Rock Run for my two knee replacements, a shoulder surgery and just recently some neck pain with light laser therapy. Thank you all at Rock Run, especially Jerrin. You all made me feel normal again after many years of knee pain. I recommend Brandon and his staff
— Elizabeth Gelinas
Posted May 31st 2019
My family & I have been going to Rock Run Physical Therapy since it opened up. The staff is Amazing, they listen to your concerns, encourage you & help you push through the hardest part of therapy, they are your biggest cheerleaders. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I won't go to any other physical therapy place. Thank you Rock Run for taking such great care of me and my family ❤️
— Becky Stitt
Posted May 28th 2019
My family & I have been going to Rock Run Physical Therapy since it opened up. The staff is Amazing, they listen to your concerns, encourage you & help you push through the hardest part of therapy, they are your biggest cheerleaders. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I won't go to any other physical therapy place. Thank you Rock Run for taking such great care of me and my family ❤️
— Becky Stitt
Posted May 24th 2019
In Feb 02, 2019 I ruptured my ACL and tore my meniscus in my right knee skiing. Surgery was scheduled for the end of the month. While I was waiting surgery I interviewed a few different Physical Therapists in order to find the right one to help get me back to skiing. After speaking with Josh Brown he told me what type of therapy he would do and the course of action he would take in order to help achieve my goals.I am now 2 months post op. and I can't believe how far I have come in this therapy. Josh Brown is AMAZING and extremely knowledgable. Josh and the entire staff have got me feeling great. Rock Run Physical Therapy and Josh Brown are by far the best that there is. I had a prior injury which happened to be the exact same but to the left knee 2 years ago. The physical therapy I recieved prior was so sub par incomparrison. Josh and the Rock Run staff (Don & Amanda) have me feeling great and without pain.I feel so great that I ask them every time I have scheduled therapy, how about a return to go skiing. The front desk at Rock Run greet each person by their 1st name and are so welcoming and accomodating, they are easy to work with.A BIG THANK YOU to Josh, Don, Amanda and the rest of Rock Run Physical Therapy. You guys are the BEST.Dave Farr
— David Farr
Posted April 28th 2019
Very personable, kind and knowledgeable!Thank you!
— SassyLou Smith
Posted April 28th 2019
Very personable, kind and knowledgeable!Thank you!
— SassyLou Smith
Posted April 28th 2019
In Feb 02, 2019 I ruptured my ACL and tore my meniscus in my right knee skiing. Surgery was scheduled for the end of the month. While I was waiting surgery I interviewed a few different Physical Therapists in order to find the right one to help get me back to skiing. After speaking with Josh Brown he told me what type of therapy he would do and the course of action he would take in order to help achieve my goals.I am now 2 months post op. and I can't believe how far I have come in this therapy. Josh Brown is AMAZING and extremely knowledgable. Josh and the entire staff have got me feeling great. Rock Run Physical Therapy and Josh Brown are by far the best that there is. I had a prior injury which happened to be the exact same but to the left knee 2 years ago. The physical therapy I recieved prior was so sub par incomparrison. Josh and the Rock Run staff (Don & Amanda) have me feeling great and without pain.I feel so great that I ask them every time I have scheduled therapy, how about a return to go skiing. The front desk at Rock Run greet each person by their 1st name and are so welcoming and accomodating, they are easy to work with.A BIG THANK YOU to Josh, Don, Amanda and the rest of Rock Run Physical Therapy. You guys are the BEST.Dave Farr
— David Farr
Posted April 22nd 2019
Very personable, kind and knowledgeable!Thank you!
— Cindy Smith
Posted April 14th 2019
— Darren Fett
Posted March 28th 2019
— Darren Fett
Posted March 7th 2019
Great place! I love it. Been coming here for years. Josh is an excellent therapist to work with!! Brandon and his staff are excellent they take very good care of you.
— Denise Call
Posted February 28th 2019
Great place! I love it. Been coming here for years. Josh is an excellent therapist to work with!! Brandon and his staff are excellent they take very good care of you.
— Denise Call
Posted February 28th 2019
Everyone at Rock Run Physical Therapy is kind, compassionate, and very, VERY competent. Even though physical therapy, by its very nature, can be very painful, going to Rock Run was a true pleasure. I enjoyed my visits there and I really enjoy the results of their services. They strengthen my feeble knees and put me back on my feet again.
— Teresa Hislop
Posted January 28th 2019
I had such a great experience at Rock Run Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. I got to go at my own pace and my recovery went as well as I could have expected. 5 Stars they are great.
— Sally Willard
Posted January 28th 2019
Everyone at Rock Run Physical Therapy is kind, compassionate, and very, VERY competent. Even though physical therapy, by its very nature, can be very painful, going to Rock Run was a true pleasure. I enjoyed my visits there and I really enjoy the results of their services. They strengthen my feeble knees and put me back on my feet again.
— Teresa Hislop
Posted January 23rd 2019
I had such a great experience at Rock Run Physical Therapy & Rehab Specialists. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable. I got to go at my own pace and my recovery went as well as I could have expected. 5 Stars they are great.
— Sally Willard
Posted January 14th 2019
— Toni Lee Garner
Posted December 28th 2018
— Toni Lee Garner
Posted December 14th 2018
PAIN FREE!!! Thanks to Astym therapy and laser treatment for planters fasciitis, at Rock Run PT. It took several treatments but Brandon was knowledgeable, understanding and professional. Nice friendly atmosphere with undivided attention. I LOVE TO MOVE PAIN FREE, Thanks Rock Run!
— Debbie
Posted November 28th 2018
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